All-Natural Headache Remedies for Fast Relief

Nothing puts an end to a productive day like a blinding headache. When the pain is so intense you can’t handle the discomfort of opening your eyes, or tolerate the sounds around you, it’s time to take immediate action to stop headache pain. Many over-the-counter and prescription medications, however, can cause drowsiness, dizziness, or take an extended amount of time to work. The next time you suffer from mild or severe headache pain, try these all-natural headache remedies.

Sex – Although having a headache is one of the most common excuses used to get out of sex, it is actually an effective way to stop headache pain. This is especially true when orgasm is reached. According to an ABC News study, researchers found that during orgasm the body releases endorphins and other hormones that are quite effective in pain relief. The study went on to report that 61% of women who had sex while suffering from a migraine experienced some relief from their pain.

Steam – If headache pain is caused by sinus pain and pressure, steam is a great way to stop headache pain. Soak in a hot bath, relax in a sauna, or pour steaming hot water in a bowl and bend your head over the bowl. Deeply breathe in the steamy air to decrease swelling in the sinus cavities and relieve headache pain and pressure.

Ice packs – The body reacts to extreme change in temperature, which is why steam and ice are great all-natural headache remedies. Ice packs can be used in conjunction with a steamy hot bath to draw blood away from the head and narrow blood vessels in the scalp. Apply the ice pack to your forehead, over your eyes, or on the top of your head to relief headache pain. Don’t have an ice pack? Use a bag of frozen peas or corn instead.

Dark room – When a migraine hits, sunlight and artificial light can exacerbate the pain. It’s not always easy to lock yourself away in a dark room, but that’s exactly what you need to do. Ask someone to watch the kids, draw the shades, and lay as still as possible in a very dark room until the pain and pressure subside. Place an ice pack over your head while you rest, and try to keep your eyes as still as possible.

Massage – Many times, headache pain can be caused by physical or emotional stress. You may not even realize you are under stress, but your body will certainly feel it. One of the most popular (and enjoyable) all-natural headache remedies for a stress-induced headache is a massage. A professional masseuse will be your best option as they have been trained to massage pressure points in a way that will relieve headache pain and reduce stress. If a professional massage isn’t an option, ask your partner to gently massage your neck, shoulders, and back with steady rotating pressure.

Caffeine – While not as enjoyable as sex, caffeine has been proven to stop headache pain in many cases. Why caffeine? Because it reduces the swelling of blood vessels which cause the headache in the first place. For fast relief, try drinking two cups of strong brewed coffee. If you don’t enjoy the taste of coffee, try eating cocoa or taking a vitamin supplement containing guarana. You can also stop headache pain by drinking hot yerba mate tea, which contains an all-natural form of caffeine.

If you experience headache pain on a regular basis, consult your physician. There may be an underlying cause that can be easily remedied. A change in prescription medication, for example, may be all you need to stop headache pain for good.

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