All Male Top 5? America Idol Season 10

The girls have been dropping like flies on American Idol Season 10. Can any of them make it to the Top 5?

There are six guys: Casey Abrams, Jacob Lusk, James Durbin, Stefano Langone, Paul McDonald and Scotty McCreery.

There are three girls: Pia Toscano, Haley Reinhart and Lauren Alaina.

There are four eliminations to go before the Top 5 are revealed and that means, unless the guys start dropping like flies, we’re going to end up with an all-male Top 5.

Out of the girls who have a decent chance, If the voters go by talent, surely Pia Toscano will make the Top 5.

If the voters go by judges’ favorites, Haley Reinhart may have a shot. The judges heaped unqualified praise upon her last two performances: “Piece of My Heart” and “Bennie and the Jets.”

Lauren Alaina should place above Haley because she is just a better singer, but she doesn’t have that extra judge love that Haley does, so her status is a little iffy. The judges’ opinions may seem irrelevant, especially in Season 10, since everything seems to be awesome and spectacular to Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. Only Randy Jackson sounds an occasional negative note and even then, J-Lo says he’s crazy.

But don’t be deceived. The judges have some influence, if not directly, than through the bloggers who have to base their reviews upon the judges’ opinions because they are either tone deaf or musically ignorant. In a season where the judges rarely criticize anything, any criticism or lack of enthusiasm by one judge, even Randy, can really be blown up into something terrible.

If the tween voters let their crushes sway them, the status of ALL the girls is very iffy. Strangely enough, quirky Paul McDonald and country boy Scotty McCreery seem to be inspiring the most fan love from tweens. A bunch of little girls rushed up to the stage after Scotty performed “That’s All Right, Mama,” in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Week (April 6).

Are Scotty and Paul more talented than James, Casey, Jacob and Stefano? When pigs fly! If it was going by talent, Scotty, Paul and Stefano shouldn’t make it to the Top 5.

Of course, it’s not their talent that makes them desirable to tweens anyway. It’s their availability. James Durbin is engaged with a son and sports tattoos of his fiancee’s and son’s names. Casey scares the tweens and many viewers think Jacob Lusk isn’t interested in girls. Scotty and Paul are the most attractive guys to fantasize about having a date with. It’s a mystery why Stefano doesn’t inspire as much adoration, but tween minds work in mysterious ways, their crushes to adore.

An ideal Top 5 based on talent would be three guys: James, Jacob and Casey; and two girls: Pia and Lauren. But as we see every year on American Idol, talent’s not always the best indicator of the results.

Source: American Idol Season 10 (on FOX)