All-Inclusive Packages in the Caribbean

Many different resorts throughout the Caribbean offer all-inclusive packages. The level of items and activities included varies from resort to resort. Think about what you want to get out of your vacation, and do research on the resort to see if your desires are offered in their packages. A great way to get what you want out of your all-inclusive vacation package is to work with a travel agent.

Scuba diving is a very popular activity in the Caribbean. However, scuba diving can be quite expensive and is usually not included at all-inclusive resorts. Fortunately, Sandals and Beaches resorts offer all-inclusive packages that include snorkeling and scuba. Whether you are a beginner or a PADI certified dive master, Sandals and Beaches offers dives in beautiful locations throughout the Caribbean. For an additional fee, you can get resort certified or PADI certified if you do not hold a scuba certification before you get to the resort.

Remembering the Kids
There are a variety of resorts in the Caribbean that offer all-inclusive packages for children, too. Beaches offers programs with Crayola, Sesame Street, XBOX, Scratch DJ Academy and Martha Stewart Craft Studio for little or no additional fee. When a fee is involved, it is because guests are purchasing an item to bring home, such as a unique DJ mix that they created. Golf is also included at Beaches Boscobel. Other resort chains throughout the Caribbean, such as Dreams and Iberostar, also offer a children’s camp and babysitting at night. (Some resorts may charge an additional fee for private babysitting.)

Destination Weddings
Many resorts throughout the Caribbean offer all-inclusive packages that include a destination wedding. However, these packages can be very tricky, so it is recommended that guests that want a “free destination wedding” work with a travel agent to find out what exactly is free. Most resorts require a set number of nights in a certain category room in order for guests to receive a free wedding ceremony, cake, bridal bouquet, boutonniere and champagne toast. Some resorts, such as Riu, even require a certain number of guests to attend in order for the package to be “free.”

Many all-inclusive packages at resorts throughout the Caribbean offer fantastic benefits for groups that travel. Whether a destination wedding, family reunion or just a bunch of friends looking to go on vacation together, a group package can give benefits such as free upgrades, a private dinner, resort credit and more. It is very important to work with a travel agent that works with groups in order to get these types of benefits. while most groups are ten rooms or more, some resorts offer all-inclusive packages to groups with a minimum of five rooms.