All About Turtles, Everything You Have Ever Wanted to Know and Then Some

Turtles do not get the attention or respect they deserve. Turtles are highly underrated reptiles. There are many common misconceptions relating to reptiles, especially turtles. Most people think that the oldest living reptiles are crocodiles but they are wrong. The oldest living group of reptiles is the turtle. This fact makes turtles seem like they should gain some respect as important reptiles. Turtles are like most, if not all, reptiles cold-blooded.

Turtles make great pets, they are quiet, they won’t make a mess, and they are not high maintenance pets. They aren’t quite self-sufficient like all pets they do require some care and maintenance, like feeding and cleaning them. Unlike most other pets turtles don’t leave “gifts” on your lawn or carpet.

10 Cool facts

Turtle live in every continent except Antarctica.

Some aquatic turtles can breathe oxygen through the skin on their neck and their cloacal areas, allowing them to remain underwater for extended periods of time and allowing them to hibernate underwater.

Turtles have excellent senses. They have a great sense of hearing, smell and eyesight.

They can feel when you touch their shells, because their shells have nerve endings.

They can live more than twice as long as the average human. One of the oldest turtles ever recorded lives at 181 years.

A group of turtles is called a bale.

Turtles don’t have ears but they can hear by feeling vibrations.

A turtles shell is not one big bone but 60 different connected bones.

Some turtles can live for more than a year without food.

Some female turtles produce eggs four years after mating.

A female turtle laying eggs will dig several empty nests to throw off predators trying to eat the eggs.

Turtles are some of the most interesting reptiles on earth. They can be kept inside in an aquarium or in plastic tubs. They are incredibly interesting reptiles and not nearly as lame as most people think. For example, turtles are actually not slow they; they can run surprisingly fast. They are even faster swimmers, sea turtles can swim with bursts of speed up to 30mph. I don’t know about you but this does not like a boring slow sleepy animal to me. If you are considering having a pet inside an apartment where dogs are not an option you should consider getting a turtle. Turtles are the second best pets. Dogs are, of course, the indisputable kings but, turtles do have their own appeal. Reptiles as whole are just amazingly interesting. Any reptile beats a gold fish. Trust me; I own both pet turtles and goldfish. If you want to learn more about turtles as pets try getting this book (Link).