All About Rainn Wilson from ‘The Office’

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Rainn Wilson, who plays the really weird, incredibly nerdy, almost freaking lovable Dwight Schrute on “The Office,” has made fans laugh and gasp for many seasons.

Wilson was born in January of 1966 in Seattle, Washington. Before “The Office,” we became his fans on “Six Feet Under” as Arthur Martin, another quirky, odd role. His character had a crush on a much older woman in this morose, yet highly popular and fantastically written series for HBO.

Wilson, who is 45, is married to Holiday Reinhorn, has one child, a five year old boy, and lives in Los Angeles, California. His TV roles include such shows as “One Life to Live,” “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” “Monk,” and “Reno 911.” His film roles include, “Almost Famous” with Kate Hudson, “Galaxy Quest” with Tim Allen, and “Monsters vs. Aliens.”

Wilson, a smart man who attended Tufts University, The University of Washington and received an MFA from New York University where he studied acting, has a theatrical background on and off-broadway as well as touring experience with the Acting Company.

Wilson is also musical, he played bassoon and clarinet in High School; he is creative, he helped start, a website of creative questions, and he is still pretty darn intelligent, he writes blogs for his character Dwight from “The Office.”

According to an interview with PopEater, they asked Rainn if he thought “The Office” is going to “jump the shark” after Steve Carell’s character leaves, to which he responded with a joke that the show will have an actual shark jumping contest. So no dice on what he really thinks will happen to “The Office” after the popular Carell leaves.

He was also asked why it seems he is always given “creepy” parts. Rainn states he feels those roles are him. He is that “misfit” character. He is that weird guy. He will never be that popular, handsome guy. The roles fit who he is. And he is fine with that. Heck, he has made a pretty good career out of it.

You can watch Wilson on “The Office” on NBC on Thursday nights. Coming up, we are going to meet the new boss played by Will Farrell. This should be very interesting. I wonder what Dwight will come up with to welcome the new boss the their company. Watch and see.
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