Alizee: New Album, New Style

Born on August 21, 1984, the French artist Alizee is a world famous singer popular for her French pop songs. Although she primarily sings in French, she also will occasionally sing in Spanish or English. Her first album was Gourmandises, which quickly reached the top of the hit list in France with singles such as Moi…Lolita.

Who is she?

Known by the first part of her given name, Alizee Jacotey, Alizee first rose to stardom in 2000 after being discovered on a French television show. After her debut album, she continued on to make three more albums with generally the same kind of song.

Latest Works

Her last album deviates from the sounds of her previous albums with a Lady Gaga-esque techno feel. The whimsical pop songs of former years has vanished and in the place of it is her new musical style. The title of her latest work is Une enfant du siècle which came out on March 29, 2010. It peaked shortly after its release spending only one week in the top 50. Compared to her other albums, Une enfant du siècle was by far her worst performing album mostly due to the vast difference in the musical style. Alienating some of her most steadfast fans with her new style, Alizee’s sales reflected it.

A Favorite of Many

Alizee is the favorite artist of many-and most certainly me- because of the cross cultural, pop-centric approach she takes to music. Listening to her, you can grasp her meaning in any of the languages she communicates in. Her music has hit the top of charts around the world from Europe to East Asia. Clubs, gyms, and cafes all play her tracks. With a vivid, soft singing voice and upbeat rhythms, her style is easy to appreciate and provides a more global view of music.

I found the French artist Alizee as I was searching for French music to help me in my acquisition of the French language. Downloading the songs to my Ipod, I quickly became attracted to the friendly, effervescent music that Alizee makes. I also quickly became attracted to the current clothes line she is designing. From scarfs to shirts, her cloth designs reflect her attitude towards music and life. Although she currently is not on tour, her music can still be enjoyed at home and her music videos are prevalent on you tube. From a simple girl to the world hit making French artist Alizee is today, her music and her life have come a long way.

Alizee’s Official Website

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