Alien Vs Predator 2004

As many Alien and Predators fan that have moved over two generations, there had always been a desire to see the two movie monsters finally meet each other on the big screen, face to face, in the battle of a life-time. The only question that echoed on everyone’s lips was, when it came to two of the biggest monster powerhouses in the alien-type movies, which one of these would be the victor over all? “Alien Vs Predator” ( was to give that answer. One of the biggest fears that seemed to circulate through fans was if the plotline will be a winning story or a disappointing flop, like many believed “Predator 2” and “Alien 4” were.

Many fans were iffy on the crossover’s success and where the story might take the two powerhouses when it was all over. For there is one thing to remember about the basic timelines of each monster. In the movies, they never actually existed in same time period, as the viewers from the movies saw them. This story was supposed to take place after “Predator 2” and before the events of “Alien 1”, almost like a bridge between the gap in time. The Alien series was taken a great deal further than many expected, so a revamp or revival of the Alien creatures was meet with a great deal of enjoyment and disappointment. Many thought that this revival was just the thing for the series while others thought the story had gone on long enough and needed to be put to rest. Yet, if one thinks about it, even with the comic books bringing together the two creatures, they were eventually destined to meet on the silver screen. One such example of this was during “Predator 2” when Danny Glover goes into the Predator ship at the end of the film. The scene of him looking at the trophy wall clearly shows an Alien head, which only made the viewers and fans hunger more for the combination film. It took a great deal longer than expected, but they did make it happen.

As mentioned above, there have been comic books and other ventures that have brought the movie monsters together before, but when it comes to a movie, there had to be a great storyline that created the success and saved it for the duration of the film. And there certainly was. The storyline combined popular theories of some of the oldest civilizations in our world, which the theory of the structures of pyramid shaped temples and tombs were all from alien influence. Yet, with all of its details of combining proposed history and the mystery of the unknown, there still had to be a setting for this great battle go take place in. And it can’t be a place that is overly populated, like in “Predator 2”, or the storyline will be meaningless. The perfect location was used. Antarctica. It is the last place on Earth that man has yet to conquer and the perfect place to hide something that was not meant to be found by human eyes, unless it was supposed to be found.

What excited many long time fans of the Aliens’ series was the return of Lane Henderson, playing the role of Charles Bishop Weyland, the creator of the Bishop robots from the Alien series. It was nice to see a recurring character return to make this truly an Alien based movie. This was the chance for many Alien fans to learn a little more background information about the man behind Bishop, even if Mr. Henderson’s character met a sad end.

Now, what is the best part of an Alien or Predator movie? The creatures themselves. That is the real reason why the movies are viewed and have become so popular over the years. Because the two creatures are so unique in their designs and presences that they keep drawing the viewers back. After viewing the Alien creature from the 1979 film, many people were scared out of their wits with the creature that moves so well in darkness and is so frightening to look at it, that many wondered how the creature itself could become more frightening. In a strange way, it did, for the creature itself moved with more fluid motion and life-like ability, thanks to techonology and the abilities of the people inside of the suits. And while the saying goes, don’t fix it if it’s not broken, the Predators remained as fans remember them. No need to change that.

With all of the things this movie has to offer for fans and viewers, everyone gets a first. A first in the history of Alien and Predator films, the death of a Predator at an Alien’s hands. The music that accompanies it is just right to create the mood for the Predator’s death as well as the battle between the Alien and fellow Predator to follow. The fact that only three Predators entered the Pyramid was a little weak to start, until it was explained about the coming of age test that they were taking. Personally, there should have been more Predators to the amount of Aliens created, but that would not have been a suspenseful film. And the bond between the heroine and the last Predator would not have developed. The idea of Predators helping the humans was a little flat at first, but quickly started to grow and create the team that was needed to kill the Queen. Anyone who has seen a Predator movie would never think that any Predator would rely on a human, even if the chemistry between the heroine and the remaining Predator was played very well and very convincing.

Next to the Queen of all Bad Boys, the Alien Queen. From the first moment she is seen in the second Alien film, “Aliens,” she is a creature to be feared with great intensity. While movie monsters can be frightening, there are few who can come close to her with her presence as well as how memorable she has remained over the years. Even thou, it does seem a little misplaced to have the Queen chasing the heroine and the remaining Predator around at the end of the film. Even if it is amazing to look at it, it does seem a little silly even as it does pull the viewer into the battle itself, that many have found themselves verbally yelling at the televisions and cheering for the good guys.

In all, “Alien Vs Predator” was the kind of movie that brought out an amazing storyline that did not have to rely on special effects too much. Yeah, there were some amazing special effects done for the basis of the story, but a lot of stunts were done by the actors or stunt experts. In many films, too many scenes with special effects could kill it. In more ways than the one, that’s why the Alien and Predator films have stood out so well for so many years. They have relied on storylines and basic effects that the advantages of CGI entertainment just can’t compete with.