Alicia Silverstone: Did You Know?

Green Celebrity Series from A to Z: A is for Alicia Silverstone

You may know Alicia Silverstone from the Aerosmith videos, as Batgirl in the Batman franchise or as Cher in the movie Clueless. But did you know California-born Silverstone is making a name for herself as an animal rights activist and an ambassador for a vegan lifestyle? Did you know that she authored a book that shares her journey from being a meat-eater to following a completely plant-based diet?

Show Business Facts:

Her first movie, “The Crush,” was panned by critics but won Silverstone an MTV Movie Award.

She appeared in many of Aerosmith’s music videos including “Cryin” which was voted MTV’s #1 video of all time. In “Cryin,” Alicia plays a rebellious teenager who gets her navel pierced, which actually happened during the filming of the music video.

Silverstone turned down the role of Valerie Malone on Beverly Hills 90210, so Tiffani Thiessen signed on.

Though she started doing commercials and guest TV appearances at the age of 6, her first motion picture box-office hit was the spoiled valley girl in the 1995 movie “Clueless.”

Animal Rights Work:

Eschewing animal products for over 10 years, Silverstone is in PETA’s first completely naked video. Watch Alicia’s PETA video here.

She publicly supports PETA’s campaign to end the Canadian government’s continued sanctioning of the killing of baby harp seals.

Alicia lobbied against the Kage Games’ Android app, Dog Wars. The app has players raise and teach virtual dogs to become vicious fighters.


A documentary about the slaughter of animals for food combined with her love for her pets urged Alicia towards a vegetarian lifestyle.

Increased health and vitality fueled her enthusiasm and led her to create “The Kind Diet,” a vegan cookbook. Read an excerpt from Silverstone’s “The Kind Diet” here.

Alicia website, the kind life, is an extension of her book and a resource for people interested in a healthy, environmentally sustainable lifestyle.

Eco-Friendly Efforts:

EcoTools, an earth friendly beauty line, joined forces with Silverstone to offer green, cruelty-free cosmetic bags and make-up brushes.

Promoting eco-friendly clothing, with an emphasis on sustainable hemp, is an effort Silverstone lends her name to.

Alicia models earth friendly fashions in the April, 2011 issue of Vogue magazine. The photo shoot took place at Animal Acres, a Los Angeles animal sanctuary and learning center.

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