Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine: Full of Suspenseful, Shocking, Spooky, Short Stories Each Month

From time to time, our library puts a cart by the door and a sign asking that people take but do not add to the books there. I was lucky to find a few issues of Alfred Hitchcock Mystery magazines on the cart once! Usually the cart is loaded down with books only. We also found a few children’s books which is unusual as they normally do not have any children’s books on the free cart. Reading this magazine is like reading a book filled with short stories. Even the pages are not glossy!

Around 144 pages in each issue so lots to read, this magazine has a longer shelf life than others that we can read quickly. Very few advertisements on three pages…before and after the short stories. Suggested books gives readers even more ideas for additional reading material in this genre.

At times they have contests for the best mystery story sent in. The one I have in my hand has a picture and asks readers to send in stories about the picture..just a normal picture of a person sitting on a stoop. (It is not the current issue but the current issue has writing contests as well.)

I LOVE that the short stories are altogether and do not say turn to page 101 for the rest of the story! I hate doing that. The stories are one after another and if you want to read a certain one first, the table of contents helps you find it quickly. I also love that all of the short story is included in the magazine issue and not…will be continued in the next issue!

Interviews with the writers of the short stories are included at times. Although I miss the glossy pages like other magazines, I can understand why short stories would be presented in a book format. Book reviews on books of mystery are included in each issue along with a logic puzzle and a Mysterious Photograph Contest.

The stories are a mixture of new mystery writers and also classics. Spooky, intense, suspenseful, short stories will have you on the edge of your seat and probably suspecting the wrong direction in the story! There is no single topic to the stories in the magazine but all are mysterious suspenseful stories. The kind that make you jump at noises during the night after you read one and keep you wondering what is happening until the last page! From the order form: Each issue of our print publication is packed with new mystery short stories & at least seven, varying in length from short-shorts to novellas & and one “Mystery Classic” & an outstanding tale from the genre’s past. Every type of mystery fiction is represented, from the classic whodunit to the hardboiled tale to suspense ‘” and everything in between!

Most of the time I do not like smaller magazines but for this type filled with short stories, I think the size is wonderful and perfect for traveling. It will fit into most bags as it is about 8″ by 5″. There is a free website associated with the Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. Totally new mysteries in each new issue will have you looking forward to new reading material. It comes monthly except for two times a year when two months are combined in one issue.

There are a few things that I did not like about this magazine. Smaller print means older family members can’t see the text. Certain parts are in larger bold type but mostly titles. Very few pictures and the pictures it has are black and white and rather boring. Nothing suspenseful or mysterious about them. Prices are a little higher than most magazines at 6 months $14.99, 1 year $29.97, 2 years $54.97. (Prices for anyone out of the US are different.)

Final Say:

A magazine that I had never heard of and really enjoyed reading a few issues! Looking at it, it did not look like anything special! It looks more like a Science Magazine! If you enjoy mysteries, you will love this magazine. Also a subscription would make a great gift for the mystery lover in your family!