Alex Riley Successfully Assaulted His Former Mentor the Miz for the 2nd Time

Tonight on Monday Night Raw (May 30 2011), there was a segment with Alex Riley, Michael Cole and The Miz. Michael Cole got in the ring and began to rant about Riley attacking his former mentor last week on Raw. Michael Cole used many analogies to describe Riley’s actions last week on Raw. He compared it to Wayne Newton, and he also said it was like Judas betraying Jesus. Eventually, Alex Riley came to the ring because Michael Cole wanted him to explain why he attacked Miz.

Alex Riley’s entrance to the ring was very impressive. The WWE did a great job giving him great entrance music and the crowd gave him a heck of an ovation. Alex Riley stood at the top of the entrance ramp and you could tell he was enjoying the moment. As soon as he was finally in the ring, Cole began to unload his frustrations to Riley. Michael Cole told Riley that would have never been in the WWE if the Miz wouldn’t have signed him to the personal services contract.

Michael Cole told Riley that the Miz was like a father to him. Cole continued the long rant by saying that the Miz protected Riley as well. Michael Cole was praising the Miz so much in this promo that the crowd began to say “What” after Cole finished each of his sentences. (Michael Cole talked way too much in this promo.)

Eventually, Michael Cole asked Riley to explain his actions and Riley answered by saying “I’ve never felt better in my life.” The crowd in attendance agreed with Riley’s response by cheering very loud after he made his response. Cole began to rant once again and suggested that Riley get on his knees and beg the Miz for forgiveness. After Cole suggested that Riley beg for forgiveness, he continued to talk continuously, and Riley cut him off. Riley told him to shut and said that he has a big mouth like The Miz.

Eventually, Cole had intentions of going back to the announcement table, but before he did, he called Riley a bastard. Cole tried to leave the ring, but Riley pulled him back and threw Cole down. The crowd was pleased with Riley shoving Cole around and Riley yelled at Cole. Riley yelled about his hardships and it looked as he was going to increase his attack on Riley.

Suddenly, The Miz came behind Riley and began to attack his former employee. The crowd immediately booed the Miz because it looked as Riley was going to look weak this week. Suddenly, Riley began to battle back and Riley began to beat the hell out of Miz once again. The battle moved outside the ring and Riley threw Miz against the barricade twice. Riley also tossed the Miz over the barricade again.

In the end, The Miz retreated by running threw the crowd to make his cowardly exit. Two weeks in a row, Alex Riley has had the Miz’s number and its beginning to turn into a great rivalry. On May 23 2011, the rivalry began between The Miz and Alex Riley. If you want to read about the beginning of this rivalry, click here.

Source: Monday Night Raw on USA