Alex Riley Assaulted the Miz on Monday Night Raw After Months of Built Up Frustration

On Monday Night Raw (May 23, 2011) The Miz came out to the ring with Alex Riley, and The Miz began to rant. The Miz turned to Alex Riley and blamed Riley for him not being the WWE Champion. I will explain in detail the mistakes Riley made.

The Miz brought up how Alex Riley failed to assist him at the Extreme Rules PPV. If you remember, The Miz had to defend his WWE Championship against John Morrison and John Cena in a triple threat steal cage match. The Miz made the point that if Riley present ringside at the Extreme Rules PPV to assist him in his title defense. The Miz said if Riley were present, then maybe he would be still the WWE Champion. Riley was not present because he had been drafted to Smackdown in the 2011 supplemental draft earlier that week. Alex Riley assumed at the time that since he was drafted to Smackdown that his personal services contract was no longer intact, but he was wrong.

After The Miz failed to capture the WWE Championship at Extreme Rules, the Unknown Raw GM gave The Miz a rematch for the WWE Championship the following night (May 2, 2011) on Raw. Alex Riley was present at ringside during the match as well. The Miz used the WWE Championship to hit John Cena in the head and got the three count to become the new Champion. The referee reversed the decision after he discovered The Miz used the WWE Championship as a weapon against John Cena. Alex Riley ruined it for The Miz because he ran in the ring and held up the WWE Championship immediately after he won the match. Usually, after a WWE Superstar is declared the new champion, the referee is supposed to retrieve the Championship from ringside and give it to the new champion. The ref discovered that The Miz had already had the WWE Championship and he reversed The Miz’s victory immediately.

Alex Riley latest mistake occurred last night in the “I Quit Match”for the WWE Championship at Over The Limit (May 22, 2011). The Miz had placed John Cena inside the exposed barricade and gave Cena a vicious chair shot. After the chair shot, Alex Riley asked Cena if wanted to quit, and suddenly everyone heard “I Quit.” The Miz and Riley got in the ring and began to celebrate because they assumed that The Miz was the new champion. However, The referee discovered Alex Riley’s cell phone on the ground and brought it in the ring. He began to have a conversation with Miz and Riley about the phone and he pressed some buttons. Suddenly, “I Quit” was heard all over the arena. It was discovered that Cena never said he quit and the match was restarted by the ref. Riley’s cellphone had a pre recorded “I Quit” words stored in it. John Cena quickly disposed of Riley and made The Miz quit. The whole point is Alex Riley left his on the ground at Over the Limit and cost The Miz the WWE Championship.

Okay, now I’m done discussing Riley’s mistakes, back to Monday Night Raw (May 23, 2011). After The Miz made those points that I wrote about in the previous paragraphs, the Miz asked the Unknown Raw GM to give him another WWE Championship match against John Cena. The Miz said that Riley will not be present at ringside this time if the Unknown Raw GM grants his requests. Eventually, the Unknown Raw GM answered The Miz. He told the Miz no and The Miz began to take out his frustrations on Riley. The Miz asked Riley if he had explanations for his actions. Riley answered by saying that he wasn’t the one who yelled “I Quit.” This made the crowd happy and the crowd yelled “you quit!” The Miz began to verbally assault Riley and fired Riley in front of the Portland crowd.

Alex Riley had this angry look on his face and he was sick of The Miz’s verbal abuse. Riley had buit up frustration from months of verbal abuse from The Miz. The Miz made Riley more angry by shoving him while he was verbally bashing Riley. Suddenly, Riley began to beat the hell out of Miz. He ripped his suit off Miz and he gave The Miz vicious blows. He threw him over the announcement table and eventually threw him back in the ring. Eventually, the beating was done and Miz lied in the ring with cuts and scrapes on his body courtesy of Alex Riley. The crowd chanted “Alex Riley” and that fast Riley has gotten over as a face with the crowd. Obviously this new rivalry will probably lead to a PPV match between the two. This will be a interesting rivalry, and I predicted back in Jan 2011 that this would eventually occur.

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