Alcohol and the Body

America likes to drink. While we are out partying and having a good time with mixed drinks, micro brews, ales, liquors and other alcoholic beverages, they are slowly taking it’s toll on the body. Short term and long term. Drinking alcohol can be done responsibly and tastefully. One of the responsibilities to yourself is to know what you are doing to your body when you drink. Getting the facts may slow you down or even simply give you a new perspective or how you will drink from now on. This article will breakdown the effects of alcohol in your body and on your waistline.

When you start to drink, Alcohol makes it’s way into your bloodstream pretty fast. Suddenly you start to feel more relaxed, less tense, and more uninhibited. You will also start to slowly lose control over your motors functions. Further on, you will feel drowsy, maybe even start to run over words. Continuing to drink from here can result in vomiting, and there is a likely possibility that you may pass out.

All these things are possible, but are very circumstantial in nature. There are many deciding factors that will determine how fast, and how severe these things happen. Your body type, your genes, what types of drinks you are drinking, and what you have eaten prior to drinking.

Alcohol enters your body steadily as you drink it in two ways. First through capillaries in the stomach, which can cause ulcers to flair in people who drink. Then as that alcohol moves into your bloodstream, the alcohol that didn’t get in your bloodstream there will enter through your smaller intestines.

Over time alcohol can also take its toll on the immune system, by detrimentally effecting white blood cells. It also can alter how your blood clots. These conditions can include anemia and other blood deficiencies.

Chronic alcohol abuse can also lead to high blood pressure, cirrhosis of the liver, according to Some binge drinkers have also experienced abnormal heartbeats. Alcohol can also affect their reproductive system. Men can experience reduced testosterone levels and low sperm counts. Women can experience infertility issues and other problems in their menstrual cycle.

Though these seem bad, Alcohol has many great benefits when consumed in meager amounts daily. For instance, it has been shown to prevent against heart disease. This is believed to be by increasing the good cholesterol, also known as HDL. Many of these studies have been done on Wine. Wine especially, is made from grapes, which everyone knows contains antioxidants. These have been shown to reduce levels of bad cholesterol, or “LDL”. Red wine contains compounds that originate in plants, these compounds help to block the absorption of cholesterol.

Heavy drinking over the course of your lifetime can lead to a plethora of health issues. Such as deterioration of the brain, eventual liver failure, alcohol addiction, and not to mention obesity. Unless you’re the type of alcoholic that does not eat and only drinks, which can cause you to look malnourished and frail.

But alcohol should only be drank responsibly by those who know their limits. Knowing how alcohol affects the body may make you think twice before overindulging in it.

How Alcohol Effects Your Body