Alabama GED Test Requirements and Information

If you were unable to, or decided not to obtain a high school diploma through traditional methods, but are interested in gaining employment or higher education then you will need to obtain your Alabama GED, or General Education Development test. This academic alternative to the traditional method assess scholastic aptitude for individuals and upon passing the GED test qualifies the student for wider employment options and higher education options. GED tests are performed at specific testing locations throughout the state, and to find a testing location nearest you review the Alabama College System website, which is found in the Sources section below.

Alabama GED Eligibility:

While not everyone is eligible to take the Alabama GED, you must meet certain eligibility requirements to take the exam.

To start off, it is important that you are not currently enrolled in any school that is registered with the Alabama Department of Education. This means you should not be currently attending a public institution or a private educational system.

Alabama GED applicants must also be an Alabama resident. This is vital because if you are not an Alabama resident then you will be unable to take the Alabama GED. You must also not have diploma from a secondary school institution that belongs to the Alabama Department of Education; however, if you have a diploma from a secondary institution outside of Alabama you may still be eligible to take the Alabama GED.k

As for age requirements, you must be at least 18 years of age to take the GED. The minimum age requirement to take the Alabama GED is 16 years old; however, if those who are under 18 years of age must have a notarized permission slip from your parents giving you permission to take the exam as well as an official document stating you are not currently enrolled in high school.

Alabama GED Test:

The Alabama GED examination consists of five main sections, which include: Science, Reading, Social Studies, Language Arts and Mathematics. It is important that you are well-versed in these categories by studying GED test books, which are available at local libraries, bookstores or on the internet. You may want to look into taking a preparation class at a local adult learning center or through a community college.

Like most standardized tests in the United States, the Alabama GED examination is times and test takers have 45 to 90 minutes to complete each section. The exact time limit depends on the subject matter.

Passing the Alabama GED Test:

To pass the Alabama GED examination you must meet or surpass the minimum score level. The Alabama GED exam is scored by a numerical system, with the lowest score being 200 and the highest being 800. To pass each subject, you make a minimum score of 410 with an average section score of 450.

If you do not pass the Alabama GED examination you are able to retake the test; however, you must wait six weeks to do so. You may only take sections of the test you failed or you may re-take the entire examination.


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