Airstream Restoration: Top 5 Examples

Restoring vintage Airstreams has become a hobby for many and something that others can only dream of having the patience and creativity for. One of the great things about Airstreams is their ability to be restored and customized in an unlimited number of ways – some of which may surprise you.

The following are fine examples of extraordinary Airstream restorations. Whether you are about to undergo an Airstream restoration project yourself, or you just want to simply admire the work of others, these are sure to amaze and inspire you.

Silver Trailer
Kristina Spaulding not only designs jewelry, but also has a passion for restyling and restoring Airstreams. Her star Airstream, the “Silver Trailer,” was featured in TLC’s Making Over America with Trinny and Susanna, Ready Made magazine, Title 9 Sportswear catalog, Apartment Therapy and Daily Candy. With a number of unique, handmade pieces, this project is unlike any other Airstream restoration. On the closet is a “sand curtain” that was constructed with rubber tubing and sand. The dining table was constructed with a printer’s letter box embedded in the center.

Virtually every surface was designed and built by Kristina herself with many personal and even intimate details. This is a phenomenal example of what can be done with the space inside an Airstream. The best part is that this Airstream is available to rent for others to enjoy this terrific masterpiece.

MoCo Loco
This Airstream restoration of a 31′ Sovereign by Kevin Fitzsimons features a flood of warm colors, a multitude of technological additions, and modern lighting that lends an amazingly rich atmosphere. The restoration was aimed towards design-savvy individuals on a high budget. Purchased for only $2,500, the 1978 Airstream was transformed into a sleek, high-tech thing of beauty.

Ikea Hackers
Deb LeBlanc took drab to fabulous with her feminine Airstream restoration. Her innovative approach to covering the windows with stylish closet doors adds a terrific modern look. Details such as the mini chandelier lighting add to a sense of permanence and hominess to the 1970 Airstream that was formerly outdated and cold.

Landscape architect Andreas Stavropoulos turned a 1959 Airstream into a sheik mobile studio with a light, fresh palette. The cork flooring, track lighting, and touch of bright colors alongside some of the original elements make for a dramatic Airstream restoration.

Airstream Dreaming
Originally destined to be a reiki studio, Kim Hadley and Deb Gillespie turned their 1974 Overlander Airstream into a serene oasis. However, they soon realized that the Airstream was meant for full-time living and it went through yet another transformation. With the help of cabinet maker, Dean Arsenault, the renovation was completed with fresh storage space, bamboo laminate flooring, and a brand new dining area.