Age Erasers: 10 Fashion Tips that Take Years Off

It happens before you know it: in the midst of building a career, raising a family, you let your style slip. Either you start dressing for comfort, or keep wearing what used to look good. Just because you are getting older does not mean you have to look the part. Continually updating your look is a secret to the staying fresh and feeling young. Feeling young is the main ingredient. Step out from your comfort zone and implement a new trend, or add some tried and true age erasers.


Large, lightweight scarves conceal a sun damaged chest while adding a stylish allure. Choose a color that flatters your skin tone and makes you happy. Since it will be close to your face, use color to an advantage. Those with blue or green eyes can make them sparkle with a bright blue or green silky scarf.

Leather jackets

Cropped leather jackets, like this motorcycle jacket from Fossil, add an adventurous age defying air to any outfit. In fact, a leather jacket looks downright flirty when paired with something floral or with ruffles.

Nude shoes

Forget matching your shoes to your handbag. Instead match your shoes to your skin tone for an age erasing style. Your legs will look longer and leaner with nude heels or wedges, rather than basic black. Plus the trendy look will pull you into the present: an instant age eraser.


Hide troublesome forehead wrinkles with a layer of hair. Layered bangs that are longer on the sides can even disguise crows feet to an extent. While you don’t want to hide under your hair, a light layer brushing your face eliminates harshness that age can bring.

Ballet flats

Girlish flats with rounded toes are an age eraser. Add a shoe insert if the low profile bothers your feet. Nordstroms carries stretchy ballet flats with an accent on the toe for a more upscale version of the original. When heels are inappropriate, a pair of ballet flats are a better choice than your trusty, aging tennis shoes.

Skinny jeans

If you have the body to pull it off, wear jeans that hug your hips and ankles. If you are not comfortable in this look, try straight legged, boot-cut or slim cut trouser jeans in a dark wash. Length is important. Too short, high waisted or any ill-fitting jean is a frumpy ager.

Lip gloss

Create a youthful glow with glossy lips. While you can add lip plumpers and special products to your daily regimen, an easy way to keep a youthful look is to swipe on some fresh, fun lip gloss. Lip stick, liner and all the fuss that goes with it is fine for a night out, but on a day to day basis, lip gloss is an easy update.

Cream-based make up

Look for tinted moisturizers to give your skin a dewy glow. While I am used to the powdered matte look, in order to stay young looking it may be time to switch to a lighter look. Cream eye shadows glide over drier skin and stay put better than powder.


Yes, I did just list ballet flats, but heels also provide an instant age erasing boost. Looking for your inner goddess, check the shoe store! Heels give a powerful kick start to your age defying strategy.

Paying attention to trends and how items look on you, can go a long way in keeping you looking fresh and youthful. Age erasing is not about pretending to be who you are not. It is about making the most of your looks and feeling good about yourself at any age.

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