Afterthoughts About Will & Kate

It’s been over for a couple of days now, and the frenzied excitement has died down. I’ve never been much of a “royal watcher”. I’m more of a “royal peeker”, which means I’m just curious now and then. But the royal wedding was much more than that to the female population of the planet. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to watch it. But there I was, intently glued to my TV, all the while dabbing my eyes with a kleenex. I couldn’t help it. It was fascinating. I know by now I should be on to other things, so why do I still have these Cinderella fantasies swirling around in my mind? I figured I needed to chat about it some more, maybe just to get it out of my system.

Remember when William proposed to Kate and he gave her his mother’s ring with the big blue stone? I know Kate accepted it graciously, as all good future Princesses would. But was I the only one that thought Kate deserved to have a ring all her own? I also thought it was a little morbid. I know everybody gushed about the meaning behind it, but I’ll bet there was just a little part of Kate that would have liked to pick out her own design and have her own ring. Anyone with me on that one?

So from then on, I paid attention to the royal couple in love. Since William’s father was a jerk, I’m always watching to see the body language of William. I’ve been just a little disturbed. I kept noticing in pictures, especially candid ones, that lots of times Kate was glancing up at William with a smile on her face, but rarely did you see William do that to her. Call me a romantic, but I wanted to see a little longing, perhaps just a tad of lust in his eyes for his future wife. But since I’m not a body language reader, maybe I’m wrong. And he did seem to pay a little more attention to Kate on their wedding day. All I know is that William better treat Kate way better than Charles did to Diana.

As the wedding day was approaching, along with everybody else, I was anxious to see what Kate and her dress would look like. There were rumors that she was going to cut her hair, and there was talk of her putting her hair all up. I’m SO glad she didn’t. I don’t understand why brides with long beautiful hair insist on sticking it all up in some frumpy looking librarian bun and hairspray it all down on the most important day of their life. Then I read somewhere that Kate wanted William to recognize her when she walked down the aisle, and she couldn’t have made more perfect choices than she did. He hair was long, silky, and beautiful. And her dress was perfection, wasn’t it? It wasn’t an explosion of puffiness like Diana’s dress, although back in the day I thought it was pretty. Kate’s dress was a little elegant, a little sexy, and very pretty. I loved the long silky veil too. She looked absolutely stunning.

While we’re talking about dresses, why was Kate’s sister, Pippa, wearing a white dress? Kate’s dress should have been the only one that was white. It seems that Pippa might be just a little jealous of her sister and tried to steal a bit of the limelight. But Kate’s beauty didn’t allow that to happen. And while we’re still discussing dresses, did you see that gorgeous white dress Kate wore to the reception with that sparkly belt and that beautiful fuzzy shrug? Seriously, that girl should start her own fashion line of clothes, but then again I guess she’ll be busy being the Princess and/or Duchess and all.

Another observation everyone had was just how calm and poised Kate was throughout the whole thing. She must have nerves of steel. I remember Princess Diana visibly shaking under her veil, but not our girl Kate. She took every turn and every step as if she was born to do that, and it didn’t faze her one bit other than to look very very happy. How I wish I had that much poise and control. She didn’t even look choked up during the ceremony. How does one do that? I heard somewhere that it’s in poor taste for the royal family to show emotion in public, and that Kate’s mother was warned not to shed any tears. And when the cameras were on her, she seemed just as calm and collected as her daughter. Amazing.

So how about the double kiss on the balcony? I was disappointed in the first one too. I’m glad William had it in him for a second round, because we all needed that. And that flower girl with the scowl on her face and her hands over her ears was adorable. In about two weeks, or it will seem that way, we’ll see that picture in the magazines and she’ll be all grown up. That’s how it happens, or seems to.

Speaking of the balcony, that was the moment that I missed Princess Diana the most. Seeing that Camilla lady standing up there, when it should have been Diana, seemed almost insulting. That lady, as well as Charles, caused Diana so much heartache, that it was difficult seeing her standing there instead of who should have been there. I’ll step down from my soapbox now thank you.

Hopefully, William and Kate are now fully ensconced in one another’s arms in some secret location, although I did hear that they’re just taking a long weekend and postponing the actual honeymoon until later. Long weekends at some posh resort hotel can be nice too, so I hope they’re enjoying themselves away from the cameras and prying eyes. Soon, they’ll be back and we’ll all be watching for that famous “baby bump”. Poor Kate can’t even catch her breath, eh?

For the record, the royal wedding was lovely and romantic. Women all over the world watched and imagined themselves in a Cinderella fairytale too. Hey it’s okay. Give us that one moment in time to fantasize, all right?