After All, God Wins!

Daily in the Word seeks to provide some devotional thoughts for daily living from a passage of Scripture. It is not meant to be academic exegesis, but a humble attempt to listen to God’s voice through His Word.

Scripture Passage: Genesis 27:1-47

Focus Verses: Jacob came disguised as Esau to his father, Isaac, and stole Esau’s blessings. After Jacob left Isaac, Esau enters and is told by Isaac, ” ‘Your brother came deceitfully and took your blessing.’ Esau said, ‘Isn’t he rightly named Jacob? This is the second time he has taken advantage of me: He took my birthright, and now he’s taken my blessing!’ Then he asked, ‘Haven’t you reserved any blessing for me?’ (Genesis 27:35-36).

Meditation: Rebekah conceived the plot to trick Isaac, and Jacob executed it perfectly. He deceived his father into giving him Esau’s blessing. What was this blessing? The blessing decided the heir of the covenant promise, leadership of the family, and ownership of the family property. Very BIG deal! Generally, the oldest son received the lion’s share of the family fortune.

Even in Rebekah’s womb and during birth, Jacob attempted to get ahead of Esau. These rumblings within her prompted Rebekah to inquire of God. God told her about her sons and was given a prophecy that indicated Jacob’s eventual ascendancy over Esau (Genesis 25:23). Eventually, Jacob cheats his brother out of his birthright (Genesis 25:29-34) and now with his mother’s help, his blessing (Genesis 27:1-29). Maybe, she felt that she needed to help God out!

God accomplishes His purposes! Human failures, and even sin, do not thwart God! God amazes me. His working in Scripture and in my own life continues to prove His sovereignty to me. Grace and forgiveness rule where failure and bitterness rebel. I used to think that God could only use those believers who were walking with Him, had substantial victory over sin, and daily heard His voice. Faithfulness deserves commendation, right? We reap the fruit of what we have sown. This is a Biblical principle.

God goes deeper! Even when our motives are selfish and sinful, God may still work out His purposes in and through us! I’m not saying, “Go and sin because God will still accomplish His purposes for you.” No, I am saying, “Stay close and clean before God, and in spite of your weakness, failures, and sin, God may still accomplish His purposes.

Not an excuse for sin! I am not suggesting we go out, try to sin, and see how God fixes it. That’s unbiblical and just plain stupid. I am saying that, in spite of our failures and sin, God still uses and works through us. While faithfulness does deserve commendation and will ultimately receive it, confession, dependence and weakness do not rule out God’s favor.

Thanks be to God!

Recognize God’s Sovereignty

Own your failures and sinfulness

Trust God’s working

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