Affording Dental Care Without Insurance

Dental care is usually something people who don’t have insurance (which is most of us) try not to worry about- that is, until pesky wisdom teeth and cavities start affecting our daily lives. What do we do then, pay an arm and a leg upfront for costly dental care? Or just suffer through our dental woes in the hopes that the problem just goes away? If you don’t have insurance but still need dental care, there may be a few ways you can get the care you need without going completely broke in the process.

I have issues with my wisdom teeth, and silly me, I don’t have health insurance. Enter Family Health Services. If you have free clinic services near or in your area (which charge according to income) then call your local health clinic and inquire about dental clinics in their service. Odds are, there is a dental facility near you that can take care of basic dental needs (rarely do they do orthodontics) and charge you based on what you make. So long as you have ID and a recent pay stub, you can get your dental care you need at a cost you can afford.

Some dental offices allow you to do a payment plan, so long as you pay a certain amount upfront and have decent credit. If your credit is less-than-stellar, it doesn’t hurt to check around and see what dental offices are willing to take payments for your dental needs. You will have to sign a payment plan and you may have to pay a large percentage for your services upfront depending on the costs, but it can still allow you the dental care you need without breaking you entirely upfront.

I have known people who get paid to get their wisdom teeth removed. A few family members of mine got their wisdom teeth removed (and a few cavities filled) and got paid for each tooth extraction by allowing a licensed orthodontist to pull their teeth- the catcher is that the pain management afterwards is experimental, which is why the patient gets paid to get their teeth worked on. The orthodontist pays the patient to have their teeth removed (my family members got paid $200 a tooth!) and then prescribes them Tylenol PM or some such lightweight pain medication afterwards, which the patient then records for a few weeks. It’s just like volunteering for an experimental medical thing, but both of my family members gloated about how they took home decent cash for getting their wisdom teeth removed, and that the procedure was less painful than getting a cavity filled. It’s worth a shot. Simply do a Google search on getting paid to have teeth worked on and you should be able to come up with something in your area.

Utilize college dental programs to your advantage. Students in dental hygiene or dental practice training need to get experienced hours to work toward their degree, which means you can get free cleanings and checkups at a dental college. My dad got his teeth cleaned this way, as a family member in dental hygiene training needed to fill in her training hours (she was also one of the family members who got paid to get her wisdom teeth pulled). The dental work is supervised by a professor, so you don’t need to worry about students screwing up. You can get other procedures done for minimal costs as well.


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