Affordable, Fabulous Matching Mother-Daughter Dresses

After writing the article, matching mother-daughter outfits, and researching where to find affordable and high-quality outfits, I was quite pleased with my finds. However, I was still wondering if it were possible to find a dress that I would wear to any occasion with or without my daughter. Often, mother-daughter matching dresses are fun and festive, but a little too funky for a woman to wear without her daughter around. Then, I received a comment of praise about a website I had missed in my article for matching mother-daughter dresses. Eager to see if the praise was worthy, I visited the sight.

I literally gasped when I saw what Pretty Please Collections has to offer. It was exactly what I had been looking for! Interested in learning more about the company that had just been launched in April 2011, I emailed the owner Thao Nguyen. Thao is just as wonderful as her collection, and was more than willing to share her hopes and dreams for Pretty Please! She started her website from scratch, using a template she had bought (and would not recommend this to anyone who was not an expert!). Although she says the building of the website was hard, it seems that the idea of the site was quite natural and obvious! Thao has four young girls around her often (two nieces and two cousins), and after searching for clothing that both she and them would like (that were affordable and high quality), she came up empty handed; and decided to take matters into her own hands.

Perks of Pretty Please Collections:
1. PPC offers machine washable dresses, which are ideal for any busy Mom (God Bless you Thao!!)
2. PPC offers versatile and fabulous wrap dresses! Thao mentions how these dresses are perfect for any occasion, including, “work, social events, casual and on the weekends,” and I could not agree more!
3. Funky and fun colors and patterns that are great for children and woman alike!

Thao, who also works full-time as a Marketing Manager, says her collection is taking off, and what was once a hobby is becoming much, much more! She plans to add more sizes, styles and patterns next year, which is what I look forward to, because my daughter does not yet fit in the sizes she offers. A woman owned business such as Pretty Please Collections, deserves much acknowledgment! It is fabulous, affordable and fun for any girl, woman, mother, or grandmother to wear! In fact, I would go so far as to say that if you are looking for perfect mother/daughter matching dresses, look no further than Pretty Please!

You can visit Pretty Please Collections here.

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