Affordable Book-themed Wedding

While you have been scrambling to find ideas for your upcoming wedding, have you noticed that you and your spouse-to-be share an immense love of books? Maybe it’s that old book smell or the rush of browsing through aisle after aisle as you’re on the hunt for a good book. Or maybe your first date and many dates afterward were at a library or favorite bookstore. If this sounds like the two of you, then you might want to entertain the thought of having a book-themed wedding. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Library card invitations:
Invitations often set the tone for how the wedding celebration will be styled. Sending out invites that have a tie to books will let your guests know what kind of themes to expect. Click here for a guide on how to make library card and library card application-styled invitations for your guests.

Book Centerpieces:
Stacked books-
An inexpensive way to display your shared love of books is to use them as centerpieces. Aside from giving your tables character, these books would also give the space more dimension. These can be obtained for a cheap price at your local used book store. Being very budget-wedding friendly, you could even ask friends and family for unwanted books or scour garage sales to turn one person’s trash into your treasure.

Book planters-
If you are intent on having plants at your wedding, you can repurpose old books into shallow pots that hold pretty plants.

Literary Table themes:
The fun thing about table themes is that you can go anywhere with them. For a bibliophile wedding, tables themed by favorite books or favorite authors is a good idea. You can even include framed love quotes from your favorite writers. One of my favorite quotes is ” He knew that his love for her would enable him to discover every treasure in the world” from Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist. If such organization is not that big of a deal for you, then you might want to just group the books according to color, like this beautifully-crafted centerpiece of blue books.

Paper bouquets:
Instead of spending lots of money on flowers that will eventually wither away, why not help the environment and make eye-catching flower bouquets out of old book pages? Here is a tutorial that will show you just what you need to do.

These are only a few ideas that should help you and the person you are marrying display your personalities and mutual interest to your guests.