Advertising Hooks that Help Flyers Get Read

Do you want your color flyers get read immediately and thoroughly? If you do, then you must use a great advertising hook.

An advertising or marketing hook is a concept in marketing where you use certain message techniques and elements that will reign in readers. Typically, this is about using a creative headline that interests readers, but also it involves some good flyer printing and design practices. Let me give you five examples of this so that you can use them.

1. Promise of a great deal ‘” Bargain hunters are one of the first priorities for a flyer marketer. To get those people hooked into reading your custom flyers, all you have to do is to promise a great deal. Big signs that say DISCOUNT or SAVINGS are often the only key components that get those bargain hunters hooked. As long as the great deal is pretty amazing and obvious, your flyers will get the attention it needs to market your products well.

2. Visual eye candy ‘” Another good marketing hook that you can apply to printing is the visual eye candy hook. In this hook, you capture the attention of readers by giving them that visual eye candy of course. From wonderful and artistic shots of the products, you are marketing, through very provocative images with sexy models, all these can work to capture and engage readers. As long as the visual eye candy is composed of artistic and tasteful images, you will get tons of readers easily starting and finishing your print material.

3. Beneficial secrets ‘” Secrets are always good hooks as well. By promising readers beneficial secrets if they read it, you can quickly get many readers to pick up and keep those custom prints. By first teasing your readers with a headline that promises secrets, you can then lead them into your marketing spiel with the secrets and tips as the just reward for the effort.

4. Bandwagon and opportunity ‘” People are also very responsive to bandwagon and opportunity hooks. By telling them that everyone is doing it or do not miss out on this opportunity you can in fact force or highly encourage people to read and understand. Nobody really wants to be left out, and of course, nobody wants to miss an amazing opportunity to get something. This is a great driving force that you can exploit to get readers reading.

5. Success story ‘” Lastly, you should know that people like success stories. You can easily use this love for success stories to hook readers into reading them. For example, having a headline that says housewife loses 10 pounds in 3 days can already illicit some interest. While you will not get people trusting the message just yet, that headline of a success story is enough for people to want to tune in to the WHOLE story. So if you can tell a great success story that would be a great hook to bait important readers.

Now you know five of the best hooks that get those marketing messages read. Try them out in your full color flyer printing today!

Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in print flyers and flyer printing that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.