Advantages of Having a Disc Drive on a Laptop

Those who are interested in buying a new computer or laptop may be debating over whether or not to purchase one that comes equipped with a disc drive. While having a disc drive is essential to some because of their jobs and businesses, others may be on the fence as to what type of computer to get. There are pros and cons for buying a computer with a disc drive. There are good and bad things about almost everything. Here are some of the pros and cons to choosing a computer with a disc drive.

The main con to getting a computer with a disc drive is that computers that come with a disc drive are generally more expensive. It may not be a lot more expensive, depending on what type of computer is purchased. However, it could still put a dent in the budget that is meant to go toward buying a computer. Those who absolutely want a disc drive on their computer need to be really vigilant when looking for a computer in order to save some money.

Another con is that computers and laptops with disc drives are often bigger and heavier. This means that these laptops are less portable. Also, tablet computers generally never come with disc drives, so people who really want a disc drive will have to choose another computer. They make the laptops bulkier and more expensive. These don’t have to be huge issues, depending on what a person is looking for in a computer. More and more computers are coming with no disc drives in favor of USB drives. Many people can get away without using them at all.

One of the pros of having a disc drive is that people can use their laptops to play DVDs. Although people who don’t have disc drives can still watch movies online, they have a much harder time watching the movies that they have purchased on DVD on their computers. It can be annoying not to be able to play DVDs on the go from the computer. Having the ability to watch movies is a huge plus.

Another pro is, of course, being able to use regular CDs on the computer. Sometimes when a person wants a program that is on a disc, using that disc is the only way to use the program. A lot of the time it is a huge hassle to try to get the program on the computer in another way. In many circumstances it just isn’t possible. It depends on whether or not people need to use this function.

It all depends on what people are going to be using their laptops for, there are some people who just don’t require a disc drive. It can be a great thing to have but it may not be worth it for the price or the added weight to the computer.