Advantages of a Traditional Wedding at Home Over a Destination Wedding

Although destination weddings have grown in popularity in recent years that does not at all mean that they should take over the traditional wedding completely. Traditional weddings at home allow a sense of familiarity, which can be a comforting feeling when planning and executing the wedding. Destination weddings on the other hand can be exciting and quite the adventure.

Choosing between a traditional wedding and a destination wedding can be a difficult decision for some couples because they want to make sure that they make the right decision for the start of their new lives together. What can make the decision a little more difficult is the fact that there are many advantages of having either type of wedding. When weighing the options, things such as expected guests attendance, cost, and other logistics should be the starting point, and prioritizing the needs of the wedding can make all the difference. Here are some of the advantages of a traditional wedding at home instead of a destination wedding abroad.

Higher Guest Attendance

One of the biggest differences between a destination wedding and a traditional wedding at home is the amount of guests that typically show up. When having a traditional wedding, it may be difficult to decide who to invite and who not to invite, so everyone gets invited, and of those people invited, a large majority will show up.

At destination weddings on the other hand, only a handful of people usually show up, and of those people, it is usually only the closest of friends and family members. This is partially due to the fact that they have to pay for their own accommodations and travel arrangements, which is something many people may not be in a position to do, or are willing to do for people that they do not have the closest relationship with.

For couples who want their neighbor and their high school teacher to be amongst the guests that attend the wedding, they should probably have a traditional wedding, and prepare for a large crowd.

Familiarity of Vendors and Locations

A part of the problem that some people face when planning their destination wedding is the fact that although reviews can be found online of certain vendors, there will be a sense of anxiety that they will feel wondering if the vendor will actually be able to deliver what they promised. Weddings at home do not have that same problem because couples can visit ceremony and reception location, get samples of the food, and see the florists work prior to the big day.

Plenty of couples are comfortable putting their trust into perfect strangers while others are not and need to feel as involved in the planning process as possible. Couples who cannot walk into a situation “blind” probably should not have a destination wedding unless they are able to check things out for themselves well in advance.

To Host or Not to Host

Traditional weddings last one day while destination weddings can go on for days. Although the ceremony itself at a destination wedding only lasts one day, guests typically will arrive a few days in advance, and the couple may feel the need to host dinners and other get-togethers to show their appreciation for their guests.

Traditional wedding do not have the same expectations, and the bride and groom are only expected to mix and mingle with their guests the day of the wedding. Anything most than that is considered extra.

Travel Logistics

Destination weddings require couples to not only get their own travel plans in order, but they also have to keep their guests in mind as well. They have to consider whether or not their wedding location is easily accessible, and if the cost it something that is even doable for their guests.

Another thing to consider when planning a destination wedding is how to get the favors, decorations, wedding attire, etc. from point A to point B. Most airlines now charge for luggage, and a few additional suitcases can be rather expensive.

Traditional weddings do not have to worry about travel logistics at all.

Every couple has different needs, and before making a decision on a traditional wedding or a destination wedding, they should sit down and write a list of pros and cons to determine which is the best decision for them.