Advanced: “Instantly” Conquering a Level 10 NPC

Coming with all buildings already maxed out, level 10 NPCs are instantly ready for war – making them deadly cities in the right hands. However, holding 2200 rolling logs, 3666 archer’s towers, 1375 defensive trebuchets, 11000 traps, 5500 abatises, and 400000 warriors, they can prove to be costly and time-consuming to conquer: and this is where this guide comes in! I’ll show you how to successfully capture a level 10 NPC virtually anywhere on the map in under a minute (not including march time).

To accomplish this feat, you will be sending 40 different attacks at the NPC using camp time so that they all arrive within a one minute period. To accomplish this, your title must at least be viscount and the sum of the levels of your feasting halls and rally spots must both come out to 40 or over! E.g., if you have 4 cities, you must have a level 10 feasting hall and a level 10 rally spot in all four cities. You must also have at least 39 heroes preferably with level 100 attack or over as well as 1 hero with at least 150 attack for the break (your Queen or King is preferred if they’re of sufficient level). To fulfill this large requirement of heroes, you can go into your inn and recruit throwaway heroes with the highest attack levels who are over level 10 (so that you may add your gear to them) or over. As for troops, you need 4000 workers, 384000 warriors, 4000 scouts, 4000 pikemen, 4000 swordsmen, and 190000 archers.

To prepare, you need your top three heroes in your spearhead city as well as all of your workers, scouts, pikemen, swordsmen, and archers. In your remaining cities, you need 10000 warriors for each hero. E.g., a city with level 10 feasting hall and rally spot needs 100000 warriors.

Ok, onto the fun part:

1) Assess how long it will take to send your troops to the NPC from each of your cities – paying special attention to the longest trip. Remember that with your spearhead city, you’ll be sending workers, warriors, scouts, pikemen, swordsmen, and archers and that from your remaining cities, you’ll only be sending warriors.

2) With your spearhead city, send the breaking wave of 2000 workers, 2000 warriors, 2000 scouts, 2000 pikemen, 2000 swordsmen, and 90000 archers with your highest attack hero so that it arrives at least 15 minutes after what the longest trip from any of your cities will take. Try to make this attack arrive on a 10-minute mark, e.g., at 12:00:00 or 14:30:00.

3) Send another of these waves with your second highest attack hero so that it arrives five seconds after the first. I.e., if your first attack arrives at 7:40:00, this attack needs to arrive at 7:40:05.

4) Now send 10000 warriors and 10000 archers so that it arrives 5 seconds after the previous attack. I.e., if your second attack arrives at 7:40:05, this attack needs to arrive at 7:40:10.

5) Now send 36 waves of 10000 warriors from your spearhead city and remaining cities hitting the NPC between 11 seconds and 45 seconds after the very first hit. (From 7:40:11 to 7:40:45, to continue the example.)

6) Send your final wave so that it arrives at 50 seconds after the initial hit (7:40:50). Notes: If you’re close to the NPC you’re taking, you can just send a regular 10000 warrior wave. However, if you’re farther away, you may choose to send a larger number of warriors/archers so that they are able to protect your newly captured NPC.

7) Voila! Give your new NPC a snazzy new name and start demolishing cottages!

Notes and tips:

‘¢ If you’re having problems with your heroes moving at different speeds, you may go into your feasting hall, view your hero, and select undo mount (by clicking on the horse icon just to the left of “One click change”).

‘¢ However, if you’re taking an NPC from a large distance (such as 50 miles), you may choose to recruit heroes who can accommodate your mount research. If you have mount at level 4, for example, you can choose to only recruit heroes whose level is 40 or over.

‘¢ Using this method, you’ll lose significantly less troops than taking an NPC with only one city because troops in the NPC aren’t given enough time to regenerate. Using this method today and a hero with 257 attack to break, I lost 2648 workers, 18533 warriors, 2048 scouts, 2543 pikemen, 2430 swordsmen, and 7233 archers before healing.

‘¢ Because troops aren’t allowed to regenerate, though, you will not find the same amount of medals as you would by traditionally taking an NPC. The first two hits may produce medals, gems, or items, but the rest most likely will not!

‘¢ If you’re unsure of this method, taking an NPC at a large distance, or simply like to take extra precaution, you may send one or two extra warrior waves to ensure that loyalty is reduced to 0 and the city is captured! I’ve found that the 40 waves alone will successfully capture the NPC, but if you like to stay safe, just send a few more waves along.

‘¢ Remember to scout the NPC before attacking to find a low-level mayor to reduce losses!!!

‘¢ Be thoughtful of others and create a level 10 NPC (by capturing a level 10 flat, building a city, and abandoning) so we can keep the permanent level 10s for farms!

‘¢ If you’re attacking an NPC that’s relatively close to your spearhead city, you may choose to add in 1-2k ballistae into your layers to reduce losses as well. You may do this for taking an NPC at a distance, too, but it will be very time consuming and the gains may not justify it for you.

I hope you enjoyed this guide and I hope that it works out well for you! Let me know of your successes or if you have any questions! :)