Adults Rockin’ Out!

The 5th Annual Adult Night of Rock to benefit the Scarsdale Teen Center was a huge success on May 7. It was held at the Wicked Wolf Tavern in downtown White Plains and the house was packed!

The concept for the Adult Night of Rock came from Scarsdale resident and organizer, Peter Finkelstein. He’s been running the event since its inception in May 2007 and is a member of the Scarsdale Teen Center Adult Board since September 2005.

“Originally it started off as an idea for adults in Scarsdale to do and bring recognition to the Scarsdale Teen Center and getting people to know where it is, what they do and how it’s run,” said Finkelstein in a telephone interview. Continuing, “The first year we had it was at the teen center; it opened up everybody’s eyes what a nice place it is and the types of things that we do. As the years went on, the purpose of the night became one of our more important fundraisers.”

He noted that due to the recession cutbacks have been eminent in fundraising efforts for the teen center.

“It’s very important that we raise funds for the teen center if we want it to be there in the future,” Finkelstein said. “The first night, we had 120 people which was great! It has since grown to 190 to 200 people.”

All the proceeds go directly to fund The Scarsdale Teen Center’s programs and initiatives. The mission of the STC is to provide a safe drug and alcohol free space for the teens of Scarsdale, where they can interact with their peers and engage in safe educational programs and activities.

Jimmy Fink, a disc jockey from the local radio station; 107.1 The Peak and a longtime Scarsdale resident, has been hosting the event every year. He has three kids who all went through the Scarsdale school system and are now in college. His son, Robby was actively involved in the teen center until he graduated and that’s how he became involved in supporting the cause.

“I was asked and it’s my pleasure to do it. I like to support my local community specifically where I live; not just Westchester in general but areas that the Peak serves. I’ve been with them since the beginning and the station recently celebrated it’s 7th birthday with a concert this past Tuesday night and it’s a full rock and roll week for me,” Fink stated. “Although my kids aren’t teenagers anymore I see the need to occupy kids’ times other than roaming the streets and parks of beautiful Scarsdale'”and the teen center seems to be a viable alternative to that.”

Kendra Porter, the STC coordinator has been on the job for six months and says fundraisers like the Adult Night of Rock are essential to raise awareness and funds for the center. This year, they raised over $6,000. A silent auction was held and one of the prizes was an autographed guitar signed by Tom Petty!

“We have a number of great people on board and sponsors this year. Scarsdale Agency is our title sponsor; we got a lot of feedback from the community to support us so it’s been good,” said Porter. “We continue to have really good success and this year we’ve gotten more publicity than ever'”we’re out to spread awareness to the community saying this is what we do and we’re here to have fun as well.”

Porter also mentioned that the STC tries to cater to a number of different groups.

“We were just at the high school and Mark Sterner gave a presentation on DUI (Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol) for the freshman, sophomores and juniors'”the entire school came out and they were great and when they did an evening presentation a lot of the parents that came out and said that the students have seen him during the day and said,”you have to come to this and hear him speak,” Porter explained. “So that’s really good that you talk about spring break and things that happen along those lines in terms of alcohol-related incidents'”all of that helps so he was really powerful.”

In years past, the rock night fundraiser was held at Vintage Bar on Main Street in White Plains or at the Teen Center itself.

Jesseca Carroll is the sales and events manager for The Wicked Wolf Tavern. The venue is fairly new and opened last year. She seemed very excited that the fundraiser was making its debut there.

“This is the first year that we get to host this fundraiser and we’re honored that they picked us,” Carroll said. I think it’s because of our location'”it’s a great spot, the inside is very welcoming to all ages. They love just the atmosphere overall; the fact that it’s on Mamaroneck Avenue and in the heart of everything. We want to let people know we’re here'”we can do all sorts of events including fundraisers.”

Three bands that played there were, ‘The Offbeats’, ‘The Blueberries’ and ‘The Del Bocas’ plus one of the teen center’s own bands.

Jay Schulman sang lead in the band, ‘The Offbeats.’ He’s a member of the Long Island Philharmonic and is a cellist. He’s originally from Scarsdale High School’s class of 1967.

“We were one of the bands last year and were invited back, so we’re thrilled!” said Schulman. His friend, Tom Pernice, is the web designer for the site, ‘Scarsdale Rocks’ and was the guest musician in the band. He played harmonica and sang.

Scarsdale Mayor Miriam Flisser came out to enjoy the evening.

“I think it’s great to see the rock band from the Scarsdale High School class of 1967′”and they really brought the house down with their terrific music. It’s a lot more fun for me tonight than fielding residents’ questions about tax rebates!” she joked. “Since rock and roll is something that interests me it’s been great!”