Adel GA Heat and A/C Review

Choosing a good…… reliable heat and A/C company in Adel GA can be quite a task.

I am doing this personal review of Merwin Heat and A/C from my own experience as a resident of Cook County, which is only seven miles from Adel.

We moved to the Adel area in 1982, and have since used several different air conditioning companies to install and maintain our A/C units. These companies have ranged from very poor, to excellent workmanship and service.

Some of the things that we expect from any service company, is for them to be prompt, honest, hardworking and knowledgeable. This is very hard to find in the society we live in today, unless the owner takes part in the service work himself.

There are plenty of air conditioning companies in the area, and I am not going to knock any of them, because I know they have limitations when trying to find qualified technicians to help them.

Now I know there may be other companies nearly as good as the one I’m recommending in the Adel area, but in my opinion, no one can top Merwin Heat and Air. After living here for 30 years and seeing some of the good companies come and go, my recommendation is based on user experience.

These are several reasons I recommend Merwin Heat and A/C.

  • They are very prompt whenever you have an emergency.
  • They carry a good supply of parts and a full line of tools.
  • Phil Merwin and his son Steven do all the work personally.
  • Phil has been in the heat and A/C business for over 20 years
  • They do excellent work and charge reasonable rates.
  • Stand behind their work 100%
  • Very pleasant and accommodating

Normally when I see a service truck pull up with two men inside, I shudder at the thought of what their bill is going to be. Merwin’s have very little overhead so they are able to keep their charges reasonable.

They stay relatively close to home, and don’t spread themselves too thin, working within about a 50 mile radius from Adel.

All in all I can recommend Merwin Heat and Air to any of my friends or relatives. Besides that, Phil and Steven are very easy deal with.

They do not have a website at this time, but you can reach them at 896-2743…. Cell 834-9917.

LocalOnlineStrategy.Com receives no commission or compensation of any kind from Merwin Heat and A/C. This review is my personal opinion, and it is accurate and up to date.

Thank you for reading my review.

God bless

Roger Quick