Addition to “The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber” by Ernest Hemingway

As he promised, Wilson ensured that the authorities were aware that Francis’ death was an accident. Because of the pictures taken and the testimonies from the gun-bearers, Margaret immediately received sympathy from all those who heard her pitiful story. Still, the Americans were not allowed to leave the Safari until the funeral was performed and all other unpleasantries were taken care of.

“I can’t believe he’s gone,” the wife of the deceased spoke into the air as she watched her husband’s body being lowered into the ground. She then turned towards Wilson with a sad look in her eyes and confessed, “I loved him you know.”

“Then why did you kill him?” Wilson spoke into her ear as he gentle escorted her away from the crowd. Margaret turned towards him with shock and anger in her eyes.

“How dare you ask me this question?”

“You could have poisoned him you know. It would have been much easier,”

“Stop it! How can you say this at my husband’s funeral?”

“You say you love him now but you were sleeping in my tent just before he died.”

“Are you blaming me for his death?”

“There’s no matter here. The authorities already know of your innocence.”

“Then you stop this! Stop accusing me!”

“But you did kill him, didn’t you?”

“What are you doing this for? You said you loved me! You said you could take better care of me! You MADE me kill my husband! How dare you accuse me now?”

“Don’t overreact darling, you don’t want me to tell the authorities the truth now, do you?”

“How dare you!” Margaret pushed into Wilson’s chest. She could not believe he would turn on her after what he had made her do.

“You are going to cause a scene. You won’t want any of these people becoming suspicious do you?”

“Why are you doing this to me?” Margaret was crying now, more for herself than for her dead husband. “What do you want?”

“Well since you asked, I want your husband’s money. It was clever, wasn’t it? My brilliant plan? Getting you to sleep with me, getting you to fall for my charm, getting you to kill your own husband? It was much easy I must say. That coward did not deserve a cent of what he owns. And now, you owe me for freeing your name. This shall be the payment I receive.”

“You bastard! You can’t do this. I’ll tell the police everything!”

“Do you really think they will believe you? A bloody American? Do you know how easily I could persuade the gun-bearers to testify against you? To say that we lied to protect you but the truth was causing us to lose sleep at night? And for an incentive, they would do just about anything I tell them to. Now you do what’s best for you. You keep your mouth shut and then you go back to your country and find yourself another wealthy bachelor. Maybe this time you may want to find someone courageous. Running from a lion? How pathetic!”