Adding Style and Appeal to Bathrooms With Modern Accessories for Under $50

Once upon a time, a bathroom was nothing more than a toilet, sink and bathtub. Bathrooms were not thought of as rooms to be decorated with designer accessories and color-coordinating palates. However, bathrooms have evolved into spaces where privacy, comfort and luxury are at the top of the list of priorities people give for the perfect bathroom. What makes a bathroom perfect is not the style or design but the attention to small details that give the feeling of luxury and comfort. The style of the décor in the bathroom is a matter of taste; however, some styles offer softer lines and calming colors that are associated more closely with feelings of comfort, luxury and relaxation.

Modern décor–with its simple, clean lines–uses glass, metal and neutral colors that may not seem conducive to a relaxing, comfortable environment. However, modern style décor can be incorporated into a bathroom by using it in the small details. By using modern-style accessories to focus on the small details in a bathroom, the room can be transformed from ordinary to incredible. The best thing about focusing on the small details is that the price is also small. Modern bathroom accessories can cost as little as $10 and are often under $50 per item. Below are five categories of modern-style bathroom accessories that are under $50 each but will make a bathroom incredible.

Modern bathroom accessories that cost under $50

Robe Hooks – This small detail is wonderful because guests are not left searching for a place to hang their robe or clothes when bathing. Modern-style robe hooks are available in a variety of styles including single and double robe hooks. The Fresca 4-hook provides plenty of room to hang robes or other items in the bathroom.

Toothbrush Holders – Modern toothbrush holders are mounted on the wall and include tumblers. Some modern-style toothbrush holders do not have tumblers; however, those with tumblers add that small touch that is appreciated when searching for a cup for water during the middle of the night.

Shower Baskets – Mounted to the shower wall, these baskets hold soap and shower accessories for convenience. Guests will appreciate having a place to put their shower supplies instead of putting them on the floor outside the shower. For under $50 each, modern-style shower baskets add the small touch that makes a bath feel more luxurious.

Toilet Paper Holders– No more boring toilet paper holders in the modern bathroom–find a stylish toilet paper holder for under $50 to add a unique touch to the bathroom. Modern toilet paper holders come in a variety of shapes to suit every décor. Some are so easy to use that even the laziest person in the house will not mind changing the toilet paper roll.

Soap Dishes and Soap Dispensers – Get rid of the sticky, slimy bar of soap lying on the side of the sink and install a modern soap dish or soap dispenser. Modern versions of these bathroom accessories are available for under $50 for even the wall-mounted varieties. Much more sanitary than a bar of soap, soap dispensers add a special touch to a bathroom that guests will notice and appreciate.