Addiction to Technology is a Serious Problem

Technology has changed so much over time. Basically anything that needs to be done can be done from a computer or a cell phone. Technology even makes it so people do not have to leave their homes for anything. In some cases technology may seem very convenient. However, technology can also lead to addictions as well as other harmful health conditions. Addiction to technology is a serious problem.

A study has been performed recently that shows most teenagers are not able to be deprived from technology for as much as one day. Some of these modern technologies used in the study included cell phones and computers. During the study the teenagers were said to have gone through withdrawal symptoms that were similar to those of drug addicts. Some drug withdrawal symptoms include nausea, vomiting, thoughts of suicide, depression and seizures, just to name a few. (Drug Addiction and Withdrawal)

As technology advances more and more it makes it so people do not have to leave their homes for anything. People are able to work from home, pay their bills from home and even do the grocery shopping from home. This is very bad because when people become so addicted to technology they do not have interact with others which makes them become depressed and lonely.

For a lot of people they treat technology as a haven that eventually withdrawals them from the real world. The health conditions that result from technology can be serious and in some cases even life threatening. Some computer addicts neglect even basic needs such as sleep and food. Studies that have been done on the topic even prove that death has been caused from technology addictions from playing video games or using the internet.

In conclusion, as long as technology keeps advancing people will keep getting addicted to it. Technology can be a good thing but is it really worth one having to go through withdrawal symptoms? Or is it worth becoming depressed or even dying from it?


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