Addicted to Bingo, Diner Dash, & Word Whomp? Free Pogo.Com Membership

I don’t remember how I ran across years ago. There are two places I go for playing games online and this is one. Mindless fun while keeping your mind sharp playing word games. I had been a free customer to for well over four years until this past year when I got a free subscription. That is how I ran across Bingo on the site! Tiki huts, island music, deep voiced announcer…fun and exciting BINGO! Who knew? The game I most like to play on the site is Word Whomp…get your frustrations out by playing this game and disorienting a few gophers!

The Site:

The pages load quickly except when loading a new game, that may take an extra minute or two. Once the game has started, I have never had issues with it freezing up or stalling. The timers on the game work perfectly each time. It is easy to locate what type of game you want to play by clicking on puzzle games, word games, card games, board games, freebie casino, arcade & sports, and others on the left hand side of the page. Each game has instructions on how to play if you need that. There are paying members’ rooms or you can play for free.

Playing for Free:

What is the difference in paying and non-paying memberships? For free, you can play the same games but you will have to wait for advertisements to finish after playing for a little while. Paying members see no ads at all. About 15 second advertisements after playing for 10 minutes or so, each time you watch the ad and then continue playing the game. Use this time for bathroom breaks and snack attacks! Nonpaying members get less points for each game and have the chance to win less money.

Cash and other Prizes:

I know quite a few people who play at every day and none have won anything besides the points. Each game may give you special spins to win cash, prizes, or points/tokens. The tokens can be cashed in to have a chance at the cash prices of $50, $250, or $1000. The more you play, the more tokens you rack up. Some people will cash in a million tokens at once at a chance to win the cash prizes, others use any amount of tokens each day to try and win it. You will see pictures and blurbs by the winners on the site.

Making Friends & Chat:

You can save people you meet on the site to your friends’ list and know when they are on the site…or plan to meet to play Bingo together. Each game has a chat screen similar to instant messenger come up beside of the game. I myself find this distracting and turn it off most of the time. If you are stuck, this is nice so you can ask if anyone knows XYZ in the game you are playing.

Price for Paying Membership and Other Costs:

Don’t forget to look for promo codes before you sign up! 14 day free membership into for new users and $5.99 a month after that. Besides this, you can buy a downloadable game for yourself or a friend. For $19.95 you can buy Virtual Villagers 3:The Secret City. After you pay, you get immediate play access and they will send you the CD through the mail. Games vary like Poker, Diner Dash, and many more! The free membership is totally free with no hidden costs.

The Games:

Diner Dash is an addictive game and you will find yourself trying over and over to beat your own score and get additional objects to help with your score. You are the waittress seating diners and hurriedly getting out their orders before they get mad. Grabbing coffee, food, pie, and taking their orders to the cook, plus cleaning tables are part of this game. I did not find that my hands got tired from clicking but my eyes did from trying to watch every single diner in the place!

Luau Bingo is just a Bingo Game but they also have a special number that you have to guess when it will be called and if it is called when you say, you get extra points. If you like Bingo, you will love it at! Exciting while less intense than more games here!

Word Whomp has you make words out of letters. They have the words blanked out up top and you try to guess all of them that the letters make. Along the way you may get special spins for cash and prizes. Very addictive! Once you are able to get all of the words in the time limit, you will keep trying to do it again! Special words get you extra points or time. My hands would get tired playing it but instead of clicking on the letters, I have found that you can also type the words in instead–much easier on my hands!

Those are the games that I usually play on the site. There are competitions for paying memberships that can earn you even more prizes! The more you play, the more badges you can get too. I don’t play enough to know much about this part of it.

Final Say:

The one other place online that I play games has one disadvantage to….the people. At you will not run into bad language and young kids causing havoc. I love playing scrabble on this other site and find my experience tainted by people cheating or just behaving badly in general. I have never run across this at ever! With free membership options and ability to win actual prizes, can’t be beat. I only wish more people actually won the prizes! As I said, neither I nor anyone that I know has ever won anything there! The only difference I noticed between paying and nonpaying membership is ads vs no ads and I was able to win more tokens when I played during the paid membership.