Add One Exercise to Define and Add an Inch to Your Biceps in Eight Workouts

Lifting with the Dramatic Transformation Principle, DTP for short, will simultaneously pack on mass and tone your muscles. I first discovered about DTP when I read an article written by Roger Lockridge. I later read about his experience of applying the concept to the EZ-Bar Bicep Curl exercise. I decided that I would try it for myself, except I would add on my own experiment. The results? I increased the muscle mass in my Biceps by a whole inch in eight short workouts just by changing the way I lifted with one exercise.

What is DTP?

Created by Kris Gethin, DTP is an intense training style that floods the targeted muscles with nutrient loaded blood while hitting the muscle fibers to create both volume and a defined physique. It consists of ten sets for a total of 300 repetitions while resting for forty-five seconds in between sets. To complete an exercise with DTP you lift the first set for fifty reps, the second for forty, the third for thirty, the fourth for twenty, the fifth for ten, and then go back up, lifting the sixth set for ten reps, the seventh for twenty, the eighth for thirty, the ninth for forty, and the tenth for fifty.

How to quickly build an inch of defined bicep muscle

For two months I decided that I would test the EZ-Bar Bicep Curl using DTP but with my own variation. To understand the variation you need to know that the Biceps are divided into two major parts, the Biceps Brachii, which is the interior of the Bicep, and the Brachialis, the exterior. To target these parts of the Biceps using the EZ-Bar you need two different hand placements. The first is the basic EZ-Bar Bicep Curl placement, which works the Biceps Brachii. The second is the Close-Grip EZ-Bar Curl, which works the Brachialis.

In order to perform my version of the EZ-Bar Curl using DTP, called Outward Inward EZ-Bar Curls, complete the first half of the repetitions of the set with the basic EZ-Bar Bicep Curl placement, then in a quick movement slide your hands into the Close-Grip placement to complete the second half of the set. Once a set is finished, rest for forty-five seconds and add weight, placing ten pounds to the EZ-Bar. At the end of two months, for a total of eight Bicep workouts, I personally was able to build an inch of muscle mass in my arms and create more defined and cut looking Biceps.

Tips for Outward Inward EZ-Bar Curls

  • Perform the exercise and your Bicep workout only once a week. This ensures the Biceps a full recovery week after week.
  • A total of ten pounds, five on each side, is ideal when adding weight. Continue to add weight after each set until you have finished the first set of ten. Do not add weight after this set. Once you have completed your second set of ten, take ten pounds off, five from each side, and continue to do this until you have just the EZ-Bar for your tenth and final set.
  • Complete the exercise with a friend. It makes it easier and more fun. I got two friends to test the concpet with me and they both saw similar results to mine.


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*In addition to the sources the information in this article is based on the author’s years as an experienced bodybuilder.