Adam Lambert Set to Pass 1 Million Twitter Followers Threshold

Just about everybody on “American Idol” or has ever been on “Idol” has a Twitter account and a following (except, oddly enough, Carrie Underwood), but the most followed finalist (or contestant) of them all is Adam Lambert. Lambert, the Grammy-nominated second-place finalist from Season 8, not only has the most followers in his Twitter camp, but he is also approaching the 1 million threshold, a level he should breach in just a few days.

At present, Lambert has more than 993,000. He has been averaging approximately a thousand new followers per day over the last week, so it just might take him another week to reach the milestone. But reach it he will.

Of course, having 1 million followers on Twitter may not sound like much when people like actor Ashton Kutcher can call up a million by announcing a contest against CNN on “Larry King Live,” or Charlie Sheen can simply announce that he has opened a Twitter account (the fastest million ever, according to the Guinness record people). And then there are the Twitter giants, like Lady Gaga (9.4 million), Justin Bieber (8.9 million) and Kim Kardashian (7.1 million). But getting 1 million individuals to do anything as a group is an accomplishment, and especially so for “American Idol” alumni, a group that seemed to have no problem getting millions of votes every week but seem to have a difficult time translating those votes into social network followers.

Adam Lambert has led the pack for some time. He was the first to pass the 700,000 plateau just over six months ago and he seems to have just kept accumulating followers. Even the multitalented and platinum-producing Kelly Clarkson, the first ever “American Idol” winner, has yet to reach 600,000. His only real competition seems to be Season 6 winner Jordin Sparks. She has amassed over 852,000 Twitter followers.

Kris Allen, the quiet winner who bested Lambert in the Season 8 finale, has just cleared the 250,000 follower mark.

But surpassing the Twitter milestone isn’t the only million-unit threshold the glam rocking finalist has cleared. He announced that his first album, “For Your Entertainment,” had sold a million copies worldwide by July 2010. While his Twitter account was clocking in its 700,000 follower in October, his Facebook account passed the 1 million mark the same month.

Lambert’s use of social media to promote his career prompted the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, the organization responsible for the Grammy Awards, to invite him to participate in a panel on the impact of social media on the music industry.




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