It is no surprise that Adam Lambert has reached 1 million Twitter followers. AdamTo1Million was trending tonight. Lambert’s fans succeeded in reaching the goal by midnight as they intended. Adam Lambert is the first American Idol alumnus to reach 1 million Twitter followers. Lambert emerged as a Social Media Star early in his American Idol days. He was one of the most googled people in both 2009 and 2010 and during American Idol he led the other contestants on Facebook, Photobucket and all other social media. Post Idol Lambert continued to gain followers.

Currently only about 366 Twitter users, out of about 200 million accounts, can brag about having over one million followers. Of that group here are the Top 10.

These Top Ten Twitter users have over 5 million followers each:

1. Lady Gaga
2. Justin Bieber
3. Britney Spears
4. Barack Obama
5. Kim Kardashian
6. Ashton Kutcher
7. Katy Perry
8. Ellen DeGeneres
9. Taylor Swift
10. Oprah Winfrey

Adam’s 1 million followers may not be as impressive as say Justin Bieber’s over 9 million followers, or Lady GaGa’s 9.5 million, but although not as plentiful Adam Lambert’s followers are more powerful. They can crash a website with a single tweet from their beloved Glam God.

In January, in an attempt to make donations in honor of Adam Lambert’s birthday the Charity Water website crashed.

“It looks like @ADAMLAMBERT fans crashed trying to make birthday donations. we’re working on it, thanks for the patience!”

“Guessing today was highest traffic day in history of – We’ll let all you @adamlambert fans know after we get it back up”

“ back up, but traffic took it back down again. @adamlambert fans, If you’re not donating, please help by not refreshing”

Lambert’s fans eventually were able to raise $323,255 as compared to Justin Bieber’s $46,490.

Just recently Adam Lambert’s followers crashed another site. ” Friendfactor” is an organization intending to bring new supporters to the LGBT rights movement.

Adam Tweeted:
“Check out Friendfactor:”

Friendfactor responded to Adam Lambert with a tweet of its own:

“@adamlambert You rock! Become a Friend-setter to win marriage in NY! #friendfactor”

Brian Elliott, the charity’s founder, responded:

“@adamlambert I’m Friendfactor’s Founder. I can’t thank U enough! Interested in setting a pg up like this?”

Adam’s fans immediately started supporting the fundraising event by buying tickets in hopes that Adam Lambert would attend their planed fundraising event. So many people attempted to buy tickets it crashed their website:

“@adamlambert’s fans are the best, but the insane about of traffic from the tweet has hiccuped out server momentarily. Thk u 4 ur patience”

Friendfactor also tweeted:

“Our ticket site is up again! Get tickets for our NY launch at”

“Lesson learned. When Adam Lambert tweets about your event, the ticket site will crash. A good problem to have!…”

Adam Lambert’s 1 million followers is an important step in taking his fame to the next level. Lambert is on his way to becoming an enormous international star. He wields his glamnastic power over a very active and passionate fan base. So far Adam has raised around a million dollars for charity and brought attention to compelling social issues. Congratulations Adam, for reaching another important milestone and using your fame in a positive way.


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