Adam Lambert responded on Twitter to a recent controversy arising out of a J.Crew mailer that depicted a J.Crew designer and her adorable blond haired son:

“The photo shows Lyons smiling and holding Beckett’s feet, which are painted in pink Essie for J.CREW nail polish, and has Lyons’ quote, “Lucky for me, I ended up with a boy whose favorite color is pink.”

Boys in pink nail polish! Oh no! Naturally those who are always announcing the downfall of society had some real ammunition. Almost like when Elvis shook his pelvis on Ed Sullivan. The Culture and Media Institute claimed that J.Crew is “targeting a new demographic – mothers of gender-confused boys.”

Erin R. Brown: of the Culture and Media Institute wrote:

“J.CREW, known for its tasteful and modest clothing, apparently does not mind exploiting Beckett behind the facade of liberal, transgendered identity politics.”

Let me get this straight, (no pun intended) it is a known fact that throughout the history of mankind there have always been people who are gay or bisexual. Why is it difficult for some people to accept that there are normal variations in orientation and that these differences should not be subject to bigotry and contempt?

Why should anyone, liberal or conservatives, cloak sexuality discrimination in terms that benefit political agendas? After all, as Adam Lambert said, “not every gay man is the same gay man”. Here is a clue; gay people have a verity of political beliefs just like everyone else. Yet, since orientation is another ploy used in divisive political agendas, something that has nothing to do with politics, painting you sons toenails pink becomes, “transgendered identity politics”. Really?

The Culture and Media Institute and their ilk are still in denial about how one becomes a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. Do they really think that pink nail polish will confuse a boy about his gender? They need to listen to Lady GaGa’s, Born This Way. Freedom of expression is not achieved by maintaining the status quo of gender roles.

Adam Lambert pointed out on Twitter:

“If society didn’t work so hard to reinforce gender role stereotypes we would have a much more well-adjusted& open-minded future generation.”


Gender Confusion? I don’t think it’s that deep— children should have full freedom of expression. It’s everyone else who’s confused.

When I saw Adam’s Twitter I thought of my own 21 year old brother. My brother was home schooled. He is a musical prodigy and had too many music lessons to fit into traditional education. Rather than growing up in a classroom learning to conform to gender roles or learning about bigotry of all types, he became a free spirit. As a teen he rebelled from his classical musical training and started performing in the experimental music venues in Miami.

He called himself, “Charlie Astro, the boy who came to earth with a beatbox and a dream.” Charlie Astro raided my mother’s make up and bought up most of the glitter in Miami for his performances. I am sure that many people suspected that he was gay. Dressing as Frank-N-Furter for Halloween was the icing on the cake. Fortunately, in our libertarian family we were not concerned. At 20 he announced he was getting married. In November he married an extremely talented artist and musician. Yes, he married a lovely English girl. Here they are performing in a Marshmallow Kisses video:

Adam Lambert is exactly right. My brother, brought up without the enforcement of stereotypes and gender roles, emerged uninhibited from expressing his creativity in ways that were considered feminine. I believe that by allowing him the freedom to express himself, away form the impact of a judgmental society, he became part of the well-adjusted, open minded, creative future generation that Adam describes.

PS Charlie Astro’s first EP is on the college charts:

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By Kavita Varma-White

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