Adam Lambert Behaves Badly at Lady Gaga’s Birthday Party: Who Are Some More Deserving B-Day Guests?

“Born this Way” singer Lady Gaga might not have been born in a kooky costume and it’s doubtful that her mom pimped out her pampers with plastic bubbles, geometric shapes, or meat, but Lady Gaga did celebrate being born last Monday. However, the 25-year-old was already talking about dying before her big day — she tweeted, “I just died and went to hell,” after she got the opportunity to meet shock rocker Alice Cooper over the weekend (now that’s a great early birthday gift!). Unfortunately, her run-in with another musician wasn’t so special.

Gaga has been so busy performing lately that she hasn’t had time to throw herself a b-day bash worthy of her over-the-top persona, so it’s rather sad that “American Idol” star Adam Lambert crashed her surprise birthday party.

Gaga spent last weekend in Vegas partying and working, but she wasn’t too tired after her days and nights in Sin City — she started celebrating her birthday early on Monday morning when she tweeted from a restaurant that she was drawing on a tablecloth (she was writing a message to herself surrounded by hearts: “Happy Birthday Me!”). Gaga also tweeted to her fans, “You are all the present I need in the world.”

But she spent the Sunday night before having a much wilder time while hanging out with Oprah’s former chef and some other friends at the Los Angeles nightclub La Cita. Lambert, who wasn’t invited, showed up with the Scissor Sisters. The musician was reportedly extremely drunk, and he proceeded to fist-pump until he punched a hole in the ceiling of the restaurant (this is why “Jersey Shore” is dangerous). He also tried to smear cake all over Gaga’s face, and his crazy behavior eventually proved to be too much for the pop star — she simply had her security throw him out. Despite the annoyance, Gaga did manage to have a nice party — she was serenaded by her pals’ singing set to a parading mariachi band and presented with a lovely birthday cake covered with purple orchids and red roses.

So it sounds like she had a great time and all, but hopefully Gaga will throw herself a bigger (Lambert-free) birthday bash when she takes a break from work. However, if she does, who should she invite?

She might not want to invite some of her prankster pals she’s known since she was 18. Gaga has stated that the DJs and underground acts that have performed at some of her shows have played cruel tricks on the singer, like leaving mounds of cheeseburgers in her dressing room. So what’s so mean-spirited about a pile of the beefy treats? Well, Gaga has to be on a strict diet to fit into her kooky costumes, so she considers the prank “vicious.” Then again, maybe the pop princess needs to invite these friends so they can get her to take a break from dieting and enjoy a little birthday cake.

Speaking of cake, maybe Gaga should invite a fellow pop star that’s fond of wearing sweet treats. Despite rumors of a feud between Gaga and Katy Perry over the use of religious imagery in her “Alejandro” music video, Perry has stated before that the two have bonded over their pantslessness — they both stopped wearing britches at about the same time. So if the two are pals, maybe Perry could bring that whipped cream-shooting bra to Gaga’s birthday party for a little food fight fun.

If she really wanted to attract the “Paparazzi,” she could invite some of her other famous pals, like “Telephone” collaborator Beyonce. After all, Gaga did send Bey a very special gift on her birthday last year — a diamond-studded whip! (But if she did invite Bey, she best beware — Kanye West might show up to let Gaga know that the “Single Ladies” singer had the best birthday party of all time.)

Elton John would be another musician the Lady absolutely could not leave off her guest list. She and Sir Elton are both avid gay rights activists, and the two are so close that Gaga has been rumored to be “in the running” for being his son Zachary’s godmother. If Elton did attend Gaga’s birthday bash he could give her a great gift by tickling the ivories and singing a special, Gaga-centric version of “Happy Birthday.”

And of course the Lady would have to invite “The Queen of all Media” Perez Hilton. Perez was praising Gaga on his blog long before she became a megastar, and the two are often photographed hanging out together. (Perhaps Perez could even come to her birthday bash dressed like her again — he has already channeled his inner Gaga once for a Halloween party).

Gaga would also probably want to invite her little sister Natali, and it couldn’t hurt to try inviting Madonna so that the two could perform an “Express Yourself” and “Born This Way” mashup. It would also be nice of the pop star to invite the fan who threw a very special birthday gift for her onstage recently in Sacramento — Christopher Roa, a makeup artist and painter, spent a week designing a studded vest for Gaga, and got the thrill of a lifetime when the star actually picked it up and wore it.

And there’s someone else Gaga could invite to welcome to the music biz. She recently said that Rebecca Black’s internet phenomenon “Friday” is ingenuous, so the star could rework the lyrics into a birthday song: “Birthday, birthday. Gotta get down on your birthday.” Gaga would surely love it.

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