Adam Lambert and His Amazing and Generous Fans Gave Sixteen Thousand People Clean Water!

Adam Lambert’s fans know that he is a socially conscious and in his brief time in the spotlight Lambert has suggested that his fans give to various charities rather than bestowing gifts on him. Adam Lambert has raised close to a million dollars for charity in his brief time as a celebrity. A recent donation of $20,000 was made in Lambert’s name at Charity: Water, bringing that total to $320,953 with five days left to go.

As most fans know for Adam Lambert’s 29th birthday on January 29, 2011 Lambert set up a goal of raising $29,000 for Charity: Water, a New York City based humanitarian organization dedicated to bringing clean drinking water to third world nations. Lambert announced his intention at his official fan club at Adam Lambert’s fans wasted no time spreading the request and in less than six hours, without Twitter or his Facebook friends Adam Lambert had exceeded his goal. Lambert then increased his goal to $290,000. For those who do not understand the dedication and the hearts of Adam Lambert’s fans it seemed to be an unobtainable goal.

To put in into perspective Justin Bieber suggested donations to Charity: Water in lieu of gifts for his 17th birthday on March 1, 2011. Bieber has raised $46,449 with 53 days still left to go. This figure has barely changed since Bieber’s birthday. Since Bieber’s goal was $17,000 he far exceeded what he attempted but he did not come close to Adam Lambert’s total. Granted, that many of Bieber’s fans are young and unable to donate, it still shows the dedication and generosity of Lambert’s fans in comparison. It is shocking that Adam Lambert was able to accomplish and then to exceed his $290,000 goal. This latest $20,000 donation is the icing on the cake.

Adam’s fundraising tweet:

“Ok New goal: 290,000 by the 29th!!! Let’s give people in need clean water!!!”

On the day of his birthday Lambert’s fans crashed the Charity:Water site.

Tweets from Charity:Water

“It looks like @ADAMLAMBERT fans crashed trying to make birthday donations. we’re working on it, thanks for the patience !”

“Guessing today was highest traffic day in history of – We’ll let all you @adamlambert fans know after we get it back up” back up, but traffic took it back down again. @adamlambert fans, If you’re not donating, please help by not refreshing”

Adam Lambert’s fans were frenzied on his birthday. Three Adam Lambert related topics were trending on Twitter. One was “Dang Dang” with a link to Charity: Water and the other was “Baby Cherry” and “Riff Maxwell Cherry” in honor of the little miracle, Riff Maxwell Cherry, who chose to honor Adam Lambert’s birthday with his birth. Riff is the son of Adam’s friends, Scarlett and Lee Cherry.

A few weeks ago Scott Harrison, the founder of Charity: Water, taped a “Thank You” message to Adam and his fans from Ethiopia, at a location that will benefit from the donations. Fifteen thousand people will have clean water because of Adam Lambert and his fans according to Harrison. Harrison said that before the new $20,000 dollar donation arrived which brings the total to over sixteen thousand people.

Watch here

With many thinking that the Charity: Water campaign was winding down the largest donation of $20,000 showed up from The Supreme Master Ching Hai Int’l Assoc. According to her website:

Supreme Master Ching Hai is a world-renowned spiritual teacher, artist, and humanitarian, whose loving assistance extends beyond all cultural boundaries.”

It is not surprising to Adam Lambert’s fans that someone as spiritual as the Supreme Master Ching Hai has recognized Adam as a force for good. Supreme Master Ching Hai founded the ” Shining World Leadership Award” in March of 2006 to “acknowledge others for their actions and influence toward developments of goodness in the world“. It is impressive that this humanitarian sees the goodness in our glittery one. A beautiful soul is dwelling under the right amount of leather and a black color liner.

In a world that sensationalizes Adam Lambert’s every misstep it is only fair that his humanitarian accomplishments get their fair share of recognition. Adam Lambert and his amazing fans including the Supreme Master Ching Hai, have done a great job supporting his 29th birthday Charity: Water campaign.

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