Acupressure for Memory and Concentration

In treating the whole person, body, mind, emotions and spirit, acupressure facilitates and assists mental functioning. Pressure point treatments remove energy blockages that may have had physical, mental or emotional causes. Acupressure treatments thereby assist the coordination of the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Acupressure stimulates the circulation and improves clarity and concentration. Pressure point therapy increases the oxygen supply to the brain. The increased circulation is refreshing and it helps to eliminate toxins. Through acupressure treatments people become more alert and aware. Acupressure relaxes tension and eases mental functioning.

Pressing the GV 24.5 point on the brow improves awareness and intuition. The GV 24.5 point is on the center of the brow where the bridge of the nose meets the forehead. Pressing and holding this point clears the mind and enables concentration and focus. Press and hold the point for at least a minute every day. Gently massaging the area will increase mental clarity and improve concentration. Pressing and holding the GB 14 points on the forehead will also help to clear and reset the mind. It is easier to learn and remember when you set your mind to the task. Pressing and holding the GB 14 points will help to clear and refresh your mind. Press and hold the GB 14 points for a minute or more every day. The GB 14 points are on the forehead a finger width above the eyebrows and above the center of the eye.

A master acupressure point, GV 20 will also help to clear and freshen your mind enhancing focus and concentration. Pressing and massaging GV 20, GV 21 and GV 19 will vitalize your mind and memory. GV 20 is at the top of the head at the center of an imaginary line from ear to ear. GV 21 is an inch in front of GV 20 and GV 19 is an inch behind GV 20. Pressing and massaging the points will help to refresh and center the spirit and strengthen the memory and concentration. Massaging the head also helps to improve the functioning of the mind.

Pressing and massaging the hands will also improve concentration and memory. Pay special attention to the thumbs and fingertips including the fingernails. Another key mental area is LI 4. LI 4 can be found by holding the thumb and index finger together. LI 4 is at the highest point of the webbing. Massaging the webbing helps to increase mental alertness and allays fatigue. Press and massage the LI 4 points in the web between the thumb and index finger for a minute or more every day. CV 26 improves the memory and concentration. CV 26 is the central area between the nose and upper lip. Pressing and massaging the area between the nose and the upper lip increases clarity and improves focus. You may also pinch and twist the area. Pressing and massaging GB 21 in the middle of the shoulders also helps the memory.

Pressing and massaging ST 36 revitalizes the body, mind and spirit. ST 36 can be found four finger widths below the kneecap and one finger width to the outside of the shinbone. ST 36 helps to strengthen the mind. You can also tap ST 36, rub it and hold it for mental stimulation. Pressing and massaging the LV 3 points will also help to improve the memory. LV 3 is on the top of the foot two finger widths up from the space between the first and second toe. Massaging and pressing the H 7 and GV 4 points will also help to strengthen the memory and improve concentration. The H 7 point is on the crease of the wrist beneath the little finger. GV 4 is on the lower back between two vertebrae at the level of the navel. Massaging the head, ears, neck and shoulders will also help to strengthen the mind.