Acupressure for Itching

In the spring and summer we venture outside more and may occasionally have itchy skin conditions. No need to worry, there are skin lotions and other ways to treat the itching. One easy way to alleviate the itching is by massaging acupressure points with your hands. The natural acupressure method is also detoxifying and it improves the skin. Acupressure increases the circulation and brings oxygenated blood to the tissues. Acupressure treatments refresh and rejuvenate the skin. The massage treatments also help to alleviate allergic symptoms and restore health.

Pressing and massaging acupressure points can relieve the swelling, irritation and itching of allergies and skin problems. Massaging these acupressure points will help to relieve itching: B 2, B 13, B 15, B 17, B 20, GV 20, GB 21, LI 4, LI 11, LU 7, LV 3, SP 6, SP 9, SP 10, ST 36 and TW 5. The B 2 points are on the inner corner of the eyebrow. B 2 will help to relieve itchy eyes caused by allergies. For itchy eyes massage the forehead and the area around the eyes gently. Press the points on the eyebrow above the eyes. Press the points on the cheekbone below the eyes.

Press and massage the areas for a minute or more. If one side is less itchy than the other start the massage with that side. When pressing and massaging make some upward movements. The B 13 points are two finger widths from the spine under the third thoracic vertebrae. The B 15 points are two finger widths from the spine below the fifth thoracic vertebrae. The B 17 points are two finger widths outside the spine under the seventh thoracic vertebrae. The B 20 points are on the back below the spinous process of the eleventh thoracic vertebrae two finger widths from the spine. The GV 20 point is on the top of the head. If you imagine a line from ear to ear it is in the center at the top of that line. The GB 21 points are in the middle of the shoulders.

To locate LI 4 hold the thumb and index finger together. LI 4 is on the high point of the web between the thumb and the index finger. The LI 11 points are on the outer end of the elbow crease. You can cross your arms and press and hold the LI 11 points with both hands. You can also massage the LI 11 points. Massaging and pressing the LI 11 points is beneficial to the skin. The LU 7 points are located two finger widths below the wrist crease under the thumb on the inner arm.

LV 3 is on the foot two finger widths from the web between the first and second toe. The SP 6 points are a palm width above the ankle on the inside of the leg. The SP 9 points are on the inner leg below the head of the tibia. The SP 10 points are two finger widths above the knee and one finger width to the inside of the leg. Pressing and massaging SP 10 helps the skin. The ST 36 points are a palm width below the kneecap and one finger width to the outside of the shinbone. The TW 5 points are two thumb widths above the wrist crease from the middle finger on the outside of the arm.