Acupressure for Hair Growth

According to acupressure beliefs the health of the hair is associated with the health of the blood and the functioning of the adrenal glands. In order to have healthy hair you also have to have a good supply of blood to the head and scalp. Exercise and massage can stimulate the circulation and bring blood and oxygen to the scalp and hair. Acupressure improves the immune system and the circulation. The increased blood flow helps to remove toxins. Detoxifying also helps to reverse hair loss.

Massaging the scalp every day will decrease hair loss and encourage new hair growth. The scalp massage increases circulation to the scalp and hair bringing nutrients to the hair. Tension may reduce circulation to the hair follicles and skin oil and dead skin may inhibit hair growth. Massaging the scalp will correct those problems and restore healthy hair growth. Using essential oils in a scalp massage will also stimulate new hair growth. The oils are antibacterial and they revitalize the cells. Bay, cedar wood, grape seed, grapefruit, jojoba, lavender, lemon, rosemary and thyme essential oils are recommended for hair growth.

To stimulate hair growth massage the head and scalp for three minutes every day. After the general scalp and head massage pay particular attention to these acupressure points. These points should be pressed and massaged to deter hair loss and promote healthy hair growth: GV 12, GV 14, GV 20, LI 1, LU 6, LU 7, LU 9 and B 13. GV 12 is on the back below the spinous process of the third thoracic vertebrae. GV 14 is on the upper back between the two most prominent bones of the spine. LI 1 is on the lower corner of the index finger nail on the thumb side. LU 6 is between LU 5 and LU 9. LU 7 is located a thumb width from the base of the thumb between two tendons. The LU 9 point is in a space below the thumb between the thumb tendon and the center of the wrist. B 13 is two finger widths to the side of the third thoracic vertebrae.

GV 20 is a major acupressure point at the top of the head. GV 20 is at the intersection of an imaginary line from the nose to the top of the head and between the ears. Massaging and pressing GV 20 stimulates circulation to the scalp and hair. The GV 20 point at the top of the head should be pressed and massaged for a minute every day. Stimulating the area at the center of the last little finger joint will also increase hair growth. Press and massage this area four times. The area can also be stimulated with an acupressure ring or by attaching a bead to the spot with tape.

Akin to the acupressure massage is a reflexology massage. In the reflexology massage for hair growth you should thoroughly massage your hands and wrists. Rubbing your fingernails together should also stimulate hair growth. It would also be helpful to massage your neck, shoulders and ears. While massaging it would be helpful to visualize having more hair. Rubbing fingernails together for five minutes three times a day is a recommended hair growth treatment. Bend your fingers and rub the fingernails of each hand against each other briskly for five minutes. Results may be seen in a month and should be seen within six months. An alternative is massaging the fingertips including the nail area.