Acupressure for Depression

Acupressure is an alternative modality that facilitates healing. Acupressure helps people to relax and it is good for stress relief. Pressure point therapy is also stimulating and it increases circulation and the oxygen supply. Acupressure treatments are good for depression because they help to relax muscular tension, stimulate the circulation and oxygenate the blood. Acupressure techniques also help your system to assimilate oxygen and function better. Acupressure helps people to feel good and it can be done while lying in bed. Acupressure can be used with other modalities like aromatherapy and affirmations to increase positive feelings and eliminate negative feelings.

If you are depressed you are encouraged to let go of negative feelings and distress. Relax and let go of negativity with this Let Go acupressure point, LU 1. Relax your muscles and breathe slowly and deeply while pressing the LU 1 points below the collarbone. The LU 1 points are on the outer chest under the outer collarbone. Press and massage the LU 1 points for a few minutes while breathing slowly and deeply. Let go of negative thoughts and feelings and shift to a more positive focus.

Press and hold the K 27 points for a minute or more. Pressing these points relieves anxiety and depression. The K 27 points are on the chest between the collarbone and the breastbone. You can press and hold the K 27 points with your thumb and index finger. Relax and breathe slowly and deeply for this acupressure exercise. Hold the thumb with the left hand for two minutes while breathing slowly and deeply. Then hold the right little finger with the left hand for two minutes. Continue the exercise by holding the left thumb and little finger with the right hand. This exercise helps you to relax and heal.

To balance your emotions, clear distress and reset your mind to a positive mode, press and hold GB 14. GB 14 is one finger width above the eyebrows directly over the pupils. Press and hold GB 14 for a minute to release negative feelings and improve your attitude. Pressing and massaging GV 20 will help to improve your mood, instill mental clarity and restore a feeling of well being. GV 20 is a major acupressure point on the top of the head. If you imagine a line from the nose to the top of the head and lines from your ears GV 20 is at their intersection at the top of the head. GV 20 helps people to be centered. Pressing the GV 21 and GV 19 points an inch in front of and behind GV 20 also relieves depression.

Press the GV 24.5 point on the forehead for clarity and emotional balance. GV 24.5 is on the center of the brow where the bridge of the nose joins the forehead. Pressing this point relieves depression and anxiety. Pressing the LI 11 points on the arms will also clear depression and restore emotional balance. LI 11 is at the outer end of the elbow crease. You can cross your arms and press and hold the LI 11 points with both hands. Press and massage LI 4 for a minute or more. LI 4 is at the high point of the webbing created by holding the thumb and index finger together. Massaging LI 4 relieves anxiety and depression. Pressing and massaging the area on the wrist under the little finger also relieves anxiety caused by depression.

Pressing and massaging ST 36 and LV 3 will also relieve depression and improve mood. ST 36 is one palm width below the kneecap and one finger width to the outside of the shinbone. LV 3 is on the foot two finger widths above the space between the first and second toe. Pressing ST 36 improves vitality and is good for general health and well being. You can also rub ST 36 briskly, tap it and hold it for depression relief.