Actor Farley Granger Has Died

Actor Farley Granger has passed away at the age of 85. He died from natural causes on Sunday, March 27, 2011. According to the LA Times, “Granger made his film debut as a Russian youth in the 1943 film ‘The North Star’. He went on to star in movies such as Nicholas Ray’s 1949 noir masterpiece ‘They Live by Night,’ Anthony Mann’s 1950 crime drama ‘Side Street’ and Luchino Visconti’s 1954 period romanticcomedy ‘Senso’.”

“Strangers on a Train”

1951’s “Strangers on a Train” is a great movie by Alfred Hitchcock. The movie is about a tennis star named Guy Haines, who is portrayed brilliantly by Granger. He is unhappy in his marriage to his wife Miriam, who has been cheating on him, so he plots her murder. He meets a man named Bruno and the two decide to do each other a favor. Bruno promises to kill Miriam if Guy murders his dad. Bruno keeps his end of the deal and strangles Miriam to death and expects Guy to keep his end of the bargain, even though Guy never really agreed to kill Bruno’s father.

The role was memorable because Farley was able to show how conflicted Guy Haines was. He did not want to become a murderer even though he was happy that Miriam was dead because he would be free to be with the woman he loved, Anne. In the end, he thwarted Bruno’s attempts to frame his with the lighter and did not have to kill Bruno’s dad. Farley’s performance conveyed many emotions, including desperation, anger, and remorse.

“The Story of Three Loves”

“The Story of Three Loves” is a film that is quite romantic. In the anthology, “Mademoiselle” is about a woman on an ocean liner who is called Mademoiselle. She tutors and cares for a young boy named Thomas Clayton Campbell Jr. who is 11 years old. He does not like Mademoiselle at all and is aggravated by her.

Granger portrays the character of Thomas Clayton Campbell Jr. as a young man. He falls madly in love with Mademoiselle after a spell is cast and he is transformed into an adult overnight. However, the problem is that the spell wears off in one day so he will go back to being a boy. The ending of the movie, where he sees her again on the ship, was incredible. The chemistry between the two was incredible. Granger played such a great romantic role in the movie. He really captured how in love his character was with Mademoiselle. This is what made the movie so memorable to me.

“Our Very Own”

The movie “Our Very Own” is about an 18 year old girl who has to deal with the fact that she is adopted. Farley Granger plays the character of Chuck in the movie. Chuck is dating the character of Gail Macaulay. Joan, who is Gail’s little sister, hates the fact that Chuck is dating Gail. Joan accidentally discovers her sister’s adoption papers and uses the knowledge to her advantage.

Granger’s character is supportive of Gail since the revelation that she was adopted. This film was memorable not just because of the topic that the movie deals with but because of how great the acting was by all of the people involved.