Activities to Keep Children Busy at Weddings

Weddings are full flowers, music, and romance. Weddings are a time to remember, and to experience everlasting love. And of course, a special day for that loving couple ready to embark on a whole new journey together. But for children'”weddings can often be…well. A bit on the boring side. So how do you keep them busy?

One idea is to put together special gift bags for the children who are at the wedding or a part of the wedding party. Create little bags for the pretty little flower girls, and the cute little ring bearers. Include some coloring books, crayons, and even their own wedding favors. The wedding favors can include mini games that have minimal noise, mini puzzles, and some stuffed animals for company. Also don’t forget stickers and some paper or background in which they can be stuck to too.

For young children who are guests at the wedding, have a separate room with plenty of activities or a movie for them to watch. Find or hire someone who can provide daycare until the wedding festivities are over with. Be sure to include plenty of board games, paper, crayons, and toys. If the weather is nice outside, take the children outdoors for games of “Simon Says,” “Red Rover, Red Rover, “or even some kickball and jump rope. Be sure that noise level is at a minimum (if possible), or have them somewhere where it isn’t too close that the noise will interrupt the wedding ceremony.

If you are going to have children in a separate room, paid entertainment can always be hired too. Ideas for these can be magic shows, puppet shows, or even clowns to make the kids laugh during what they think may be a boring time. Also, for little girls, there can be workshops like “beauty makeovers” that can include fixing their hair, or for the boys, fixing on temporary tattoos for fun.

During the reception, let children become a part of the festivities and the memories. Have a separate table that has disposable cameras that they can use to take their own photo memories. Some pictures of course may come out that will be hard to decipher, while others can bring some hilarious results. Assign any adults with children who might need a hand at taking the pictures as well.

At dance time, include special dances just for the children. Let children have a chance to dance with the wedding party and showcase their moves too. Have a musical simon says, or teach them the “chicken dance.” Many children love to be the center of attention, and if they can get a chance to bust some moves, it can be enough to satisfy them-as well as tire them out too. Play some music adults can dance to, and then let them take a break, with a few added kid songs in which kids can control the dance floor. So, if a couple may seem a bit iffy at first at including children on their guest list, there are ways to keep them busy.

Weddings are always a great way for family to come together, and some may not get to see children as often as they would like. Children are fun to include as part of the wedding party, and can also still have fun at a celebration that is geared more towards adults. The idea is to keep everybody busy, laughing, smiling, and having a great memorable time.