Activities that Will Keep Fuel in Your Tank and Money in Your Pocket

As gas prices continue to rise all across the country, the need to find ways to conserve fuel also rises. Most people have to drive to and from work every day, but on the weekends, driving may soon become a luxury. So, instead of driving all over town and wasting your hard-earned gas money, try to find activities that are a little closer to home. If you don’t have to drive anywhere, just think of the money you could save.

Get Outside
It’s almost the summer, so get outside and get moving. This activity is absolutely free and will require no gas. You don’t even have to do anything exciting, just put your sneakers on and walk. Bring your camera and take pictures of things you see along the way. Who knows, you may actually enjoy yourself.

The best part about being active is the health benefits. You’ve really got nothing to lose, except a few pounds.

Besides walking, here are a few other activities you can do outside: swim, have a picnic, take a bike ride, fly a kite, read, boating, camping, and fishing.

Play Games
When was the last time you sat around your dinner table and played a card game with your family or friends? Believe it or not, it’s a lot of fun and you get to spend quality time together. Plus, you don’t have to go anywhere, which is great if you’re trying to save money.

Consider playing Monopoly, golf, Uno, Texas hold ’em, dominoes and Trivial Pursuit. For a complete list of card games and instructions, click here.

Movie Night
Instead of going to the movie theatre and spending a bunch of money on gas, tickets, popcorn, drinks, and candy, why not stay in and save a bunch of money? It is incredibly easy to rent new movies on your TV without leaving the house. For instance, Netflix is available online if you have an internet connection, but you can also rent movies through your cable provider. Sure, the movies may be a little older, but in a few months the same movies out now will be available for rent too. So, it all works out. But, the best part is, you can enjoy your movie and snacks in the comfort of your own home and you don’t even have to get dressed up. In fact, you can relax in your pajamas!

Be Creative
Being creative can take on many forms. For instance, you can create art, you can create music, and you can create food. Basically, you can create whatever you want, which is pretty much what makes this activity so much fun. Some creative outlets can be pretty expensive, but they don’t have to be. For example, if you are into creating photo books, you can recycle household items and give them new life. If you have to buy some materials, look for sales and coupons before buying anything. Word of advice: don’t pay retail for anything.

Reading can be one of the best ways to spend your free time because it allows you to escape reality, even if it’s just for a little bit. Plus, there’s a book for every personal interest, from mystery, romance, science fiction, to history – you name it. If you don’t want to buy books, just head over to your local library and pick up as many books as you can, for free. Reading never gets old.

As you can see, there are numerous ways for you to have fun without spending a lot of money or wasting a bunch of gas. All you need to do is find something you’re interested in and get to it.

See, saving money and gas can be fun after all!