Activites for Your 2-Year-Old

At two years old, your child is probably an unstoppable wave of energy that you may not be entirely sure what to do with it. However, it is the perfect age for many activities. Here are five wonderful things to do to help calm down your child and help them learn at the same time.

At two, children are thrilled to be doing things on their own. Coloring is no exception. Give them coloring pages and blank pages and a set of crayons. It is a great time to continue helping them learn both the shapes and the names of the shapes. Even teaching them to write letters is an option at this point. Just don’t get frustrated if you child doesn’t pick it up very fast: Remember, they are still developing and every child will learn at their own pace.

Finger Painting
While a little messier than the aforementioned, you can do a lot of the same things finger painting as coloring. Painting is another wonderful way to learn letters and shapes. It is also a good way to teach children to clean up after themselves: Let them wipe up any mess they might have made (under your supervision) on the table or other surface you were using. Encourage them to wash their hands of the paint as well in order to promote personal hygiene.

With summer approaching, it is lovely weather to take your child out to play. It is also the perfect time to teach your child to catch. Many stores sell rubber bouncy balls for only a dollar, which is perfect to teach your child to catch; it isn’t too small or too heavy. By playing catch, not only are you wearing out some of the overwhelming energy but you are also improving your child’s hand and eye coordination.

I will admit, reading does not actually take much energy from your child but it can calm them down temporarily. By reading with your two year old, it encourages reading throughout their lives. It also helps them recognize different words and letters and will help ready them for school.

Most two year olds find building blocks absolutely delightful. They will learn to stack and put things together, helping eye and hand coordination once again, and have blast tearing them apart.

At age two, there are a great many activities for your toddler to participate in. Your child may not enjoy every one of them: it is a trial and error process. Don’t get upset if you have trouble entertaining your child with one activity, just move on to the next until you find something you bother enjoy.