Actions to Avoid Harsh Realities

The real issues that dog powerful countries are swept under the carpet to find scapegoats. It is like looking for others to blame for own short comings. In this case, even a super power is imitating such weak approach to cover up obvious weakness. The real enemies are within; forget others who have own problems like everyone else. None is spared of such realities in life. It is a human weakness to blame others for own follies, why carry it to international levels?

With many countries having debts matching their Gross Domestic Products and matters getting worse by the day, are they not serious enough to be tackled on a war footing than getting into adventures outside own shores? Obviously, dangerous precedents are set which can compromise the security of many countries. To get outside help to sort out internal problems is no go, as there will be no end with such demands and would also encourage internal dissent and endless conflicts; opening a can of worms!

The real enemy is within. Hard solutions have to be aired to those affected, with conviction and solutions implemented. We have the best minds proffering advice everyday, agreeing, disagreeing and even confusing the general public! A good leader has to carry the ground with a clear solution and on sacrifices needed. But, if they are swept under the carpet and wrong priorities pursued, then our world is going to be messed up. Leave others to sort out matters themselves than go for selective targets.

The actions in Libya immediately touch the raw nerves of oil prices and supplies. Obviously, they are linked. But then, does it not also show the real motives behind such adventures? How many innocent lives are lost? Where is the guarantee the common man is going to benefit or not descend into worse chaos? What is the real agenda and end game? The culture, outlook and societies differ and instead of one tyrant many can surface causing endless gloom for generations to come.

The real issues have real solutions. Oil is necessary in every walk of life, every facet of commerce. But are we not on the verge of solving the issue through renewable sources? Why not spend the billions on such pursuits than sacrifice lives to preserve the status quo that are clearly untenable? Positive actions will give all a spring in their walks and solve the real issues. Massive employment opportunities, path-breaking technologies unfold; countries can become self-sufficient in energy, less pollution. In short, a new era of international cooperation beckons. And what a breath of fresh air in every way, in all its hues!

Enough of mindless adventures of distraction, churning out endless statistics and heed the heartfelt cry for earnest action. The common man everywhere wants to be left alone; needs only the basics and peace of mind! They are everlasting than those which prove transient! There is no victor or loser in the games that are ongoing. Every action based on violence begets more violence!

Who has the moral heft to make us see reason? Natural disasters are beyond our control, but what happens around us mostly are of our making. Peace is easy enough but ones needs patience and good sense. Even the most vicious tyrant has a soft spot! None can attain such positions just being intolerant. The good overwhelms the evil but we should empower them through the right means and deeds.

True democratic societies are no different from others, if violence is resorted to, to solve issues. What happens if it becomes embedded in our psyches and even internal conflicts are resolved thereby? There are clear ways to prioritize the agenda and enough of going overboard selecting soft targets. These will lead to a chain reaction, make us lose the moral fiber and the independence of countries is trifled with. The writing on the wall is even clear to the blind, and we ignore the signals at our peril. The common man has to assert his basic needs and to be left alone. Let internal matters remain so than outsiders messing up! The real issues will always reappear with a vengeance soon enough. We are treading dangerous waters, even far from Fukushima nuclear plant! The main danger is collapse of world financial order due to chain sovereign debt defaults by major powers. That will make Libyan crisis pale into insignificance!