Acrylic Nail Tips: Sport Shaped Motley Fingernails with Them

Long, beautiful nails are desired by all women as they are a smart way of enhancing their feminine beauty. But, sadly, very few of us are blessed with that perfectly shaped, healthy and strong nails. Since, it is hard to attain such enhancements with unhealthy, brittle nails, acrylic nail tips are the way of doing so without undergoing the troublesome and lengthy job of growing and maintaining the nails.

One just needs to fish out high quality, durable acrylic nail tips that have been made of hygenic materials that do not cause skin irritation. Next, find a service for nail art application at a local nail salon. As, the salons embellish the artificial nail extensions with anything from small jewels to nail stickers, their charges are pricey However, you can save some bucks by simply following the instructions provided in the nail pack. With practice and care, you can glue the nails tips like a professional.

As supplies, you will need a non-acetate polish remover, liquid and powdered acrylic, acrylic nail tips and nail oil. Some minor contraptions that will be required for the job are nail files, a nail brush, filing block, acrylic brush, acrylic nipper and working dish. Pick the nail tips that match with the size of your nail. Next, give your nails a manicure session to smoothen out the rugged edges and the cuticles. If, you are wearing a nail polish, remove it with the remover and clip your nail close to the skin with the nipper. Now align the tips over your fingernail and add a glue drop to affix it on the cuticle bed.

Now, trim the tip up to the desired length and shape it up in your way. Prepare the liquid acrylic solution in the dish and paint it on the nail surface to get rid of the bumps. Remove the excess liquid with a paper napkin. Dry the damp acrylic nail tips for about ten to fifteen minutes before you start filing them into shape. Now, you can jazz them up whimsically as long as you can carry them comfortably.

To add to the look, mehndi designs can be painted on your palms. If, you are no pro in designing, do not try them yourself. There are innumerable salons that offer mehndi services at an inexpensive rate. The customers are provided with mehndi designs catalogue wherefrom they can make their pick. The artists are practiced in drawing and capably sketch the designs with precision. The color of the stain of the mehndi designs depend largely on the body heat and keratin level of the users. Summary: Acrylic nail tips have created enough frenzy among women as their vibrant and cool shades embossed with patterns are stealing frequent envious glances in the crowd.