Accommodation Zambia Offers Vic’ Falls Visitors Hardly Confined to Livingstone

Talk to most Zambians and clearly the best places to view the Victoria Falls, or “The Smoke that Thunders” as the people living in the area along what is today the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe described it back in the 1800’s, is from the Zambian side of the bridge ‘” or better still, with your feet on Zambian soil. There are also those who would argue that the most spectacular views of one of the biggest, most spectacular waterfalls in the world are be had from the air ‘” possibly from the seat of a small fixed wing or micro-light aircraft, or maybe from a helicopter should you prefer. And when it comes to accommodation Zambia has much to offer visitors to this famous stretch of water.

The Victoria Falls is where the Zambezi River spreads to a width of two kilometres before plunging over cliffs and into a series of gorges some 100 metres below. Water roars down at the rate of millions of cubic metres per minute, with rain forests perpetuated by thick clouds of mist on the cliffs facing the falls and within the canyon. The Victoria Falls Bridge affords a 360-degree view that takes in the first of the gorges and the massive curtain of white water to give a good perspective of the immense scale of what is unquestionably one of the most fantastic shows put on by Mother Nature. And the various accommodation Zambia offers to its visitors stretches all the way across the country.

In fact many visitors to the Falls choose accommodation in capital of Zambia. Such are the transport options these days that you can make a day trip from the capital to the Victoria Falls and back or overnight in the area before your return ‘” it’s just so convenient basing yourself in Lusaka, at the country’s crossroads so to speak. Some advise that the best time to make your trip to the Falls is during the dry months of November or December, when if the water is low enough you can walk across the edge to the island from where the famous explorer David Livingstone had his first sight of the spectacle. Others recommend you go in March or April when the water level is at its highest and the power of the Falls at its most thunderous.

Yes there are various types of accommodation Zambia has at various points along the Zambezi or in the town of Livingstone just 10km from the Victoria Falls. But a benefit of choosing accommodation Zambia offers in Lusaka is that you’re ideally positioned here to embark on the next leg of your journey if travelling elsewhere in the country.