Accepting God into Your Life

It all started when my first daughter was born.We would be in a different room and as we had no carpet, we would hear loud footsteps walking up to her moses basket, stop and then she would wake up and start screaming. Although we thought this was strange, we didn’t read too much into it. many other experiences followed such as scratching, banging, things moving of their own accord,taps switching on and off, and although you might say many of these things can be explained away, it certainly felt that there was a presence in our flat that was not nice. One day i even heard a male voice saying my name.

These things went on for a while and we got used them being regular occurrences in our lives, but one day things got worse. A baby girl was murdered by her mother in the flat below ours. There was suddenly an evil feeling in our flat, much worse than before. Its difficult to explain what it was like. Evil is the only way I can describe it. Me and my partner began to get paranoid of each other and arguing all the time. We felt like we couldn’t stand being in that flat but not only that, we both felt extremely depressed and unable to cope with the presence in our home.We began making plans to move, saying we could not live in that flat any longer. We decided to stay at my partners mums for a week to get away. When it was nearly time to come home I began to get nightmares of things i don’t even want to describe.

When we came home, my partners mum gave us a rosary which we hung up in our living room. Since that day all we’ve felt in our flat was peace. We bought a crucifix and hung that in our bedroom. We have been going to church and praying every night before bed. We have never felt so happy and comfortable in our home and i truly believe that we have God to thank for that.

You are probably thinking we are paranoid freaks. But let me tell you my partner has never believed in spirits and evil presences until living in our flat. He thought the idea was ridiculous. And quite frankly, I thought the same about religion. I have never been religious and never thought i would be. Now I strongly believe in God and his power and would like to encourage others to turn to God. If anyone has problems or worries, ask God for his help and he will answer your prayer. Accepting God into your life is the only way to get into the Kingdom when you die. The world is coming to an end, I don’t know when, although I know when i think it will but it is not for me to say. There is a lot of evil in this world and you don’t have to look very hard on the Internet to learn where it all comes from. Do the research for yourself and see. The world is going to change and if you don’t have God on your side then you don’t stand a chance. Ask him to come into your life and accept him into your heart.