Abydos and the Hyperdimensional Cavern

Its a hot late August just after sunset in the shadow of the largest of the pyramids and crouching in hiding is a group of men who are professional tomb robbers. A recent but abandoned archaelogical dig has left tents and empty crates strewn about already searched many times for anything of value.

Jabal is the 4th generation of tomb robbers and is proud to teach his sons Akim and Josef (23 and 25 years of age) the family business. Jabal has just learned (from his insider high up in the government) that a very special hidden door would be accessible only during the full moon of Nardoum. He and his sons had made their way out to the largest of the pyramids and now waited until the moonlight strikes a certain part of the pyramid.

Eventually the moon rises over the Lower Euphrates casting an odd reddish light below giving an eerie look to everything.

Hunched down within the shadow of an abandoned archaeological tent one of the sons gasps and points. A portion of the pyramid never before thought of as an entrance by anyone silently slides open!

About ten feet tall but only about 2 feet wide the door stays open, waiting, apparently for anyone that wanted to enter. They all stare – frozen.

But images of untold riches danced before their eyes and the father whispers to the sons to stay and let him go in first as he is not only the most experienced in this but would have gotten more secret info from his insider government friend. The two sons readily agree.

Crouching low, and glancing from side to side making sure no one is watching he sneaks up to the pitch-black opening.

Jabal steps inside, straightens up and waves his hand about high in the darkness. He knows his window of opportunity is limited and his friend had said the lights would come on if he did this. And it does. It’s strangely a brilliant blue! It reveals a a sort of anteroom and in the center is a dais that seems to go all the way to the ceiling coming up from the floor, although not very big. He goes back to the door and leans outside and motions for his sons to come. The door remains open to the outside but for how long?

Then Jabal notices a peculiar low humming noise but decides, after a moment, to ignore it. The father then walks up to the center to examine the dais that has something on top of it and is over lighted.

Once his sons join him they too begin to explore the anteroom, not that big, with shiny walls and drawings along the walls. Smooth. He notices the air is pure and fresh! How can that be? They must be the first humans to enter for likely a century or more! They look at their surroundings in total wonder. The floor is made of the same material and someone notices that the walls are the strangest blue they had ever seen!

Akim immediately goes up to it for a closer look as the father examines what’s on the dais! He tentatively walks up to it and is astonished to see a light beam suddenly come down directly on the object he is looking at, brightening the closer he gets. As Jabal walks up to the dais this light reveals the object on it is a large white crystal! The largest crystal he had ever seen! Brilliant, bluish white! But strangely it is not attached to anything! The crystal is floating free between two gold-colored metal points one above and the other below! There is a solid white stone foundation on the bottom but he could not make out what was above but it sits firmly inside the dais itself. He is stunned that the closer he looks at the crystal the more he could swear there was movement inside it! He steps closer and reaches in to touch the crystal and immediately feels a sharp sting like electricity! He snatches his hand away! Hmm. They would have to figure out how to get to it.

Josef is trying to make sense of the drawings on the wall and notices little tiny holes with writings around them and touches the wall feels a faint vibration but figures its his imagination.

Then the walls suddenly brighten a tenth degree higher emanating a brighter blue.

Jabal gives up, for the moment, on the crystal and walks over to the nearest wall and discover they are made of solid lapis lazuli! He yells at his sons what he has discovered and Akim takes out a tool from his pocket and tries to take out a piece of the wall, striking at it, while Josef looks for any section where its not as smooth or for pieces but as he does so a sound unlike any they have ever heard begins to fill the room!

Jabal angrily yells for Akim to stop! Akim does so, grudgingly and Jabal motions the two to follow him. They proceed on deeper into the anteroom beyond the dais. The humming noise abruptly stops. As they walk they are astonished as the walls and the FLOOR now light up as they walk before them but behind them they grow dark! Josef drops down and examines the floor. It appears to be the same gemstone as well and gets up and runs to catch up with his father and brother. He tries to tell his father but he tells him to be quiet.

They continue on to the far wall and a single door. They look all about at the walls emitting amazing bluish light. Are all the walls and ceiling made of this rare gem?! They were rich beyond their wildest dreams! The father is curious about the door and takes a step or two closer.

Unnoticed by anyone, a mist slowly begins to be released into the room from the little holes that Josef had noticed earlier. They were built in all around the room and low along the floor. As they walk deeper into the anteroom the mist begins to reach them one by one. Jabal stops abruptly noticing it and exclaims-

“What is this mist, Josef? Akim? Do you –

The father, suddenly begins to stumble catching his throat and is soon followed by his sons. Abruptly, they all fall to the floor in a bunch and lay still as the blue light begins to go dim and the humming noise slowly dies away leaving all in complete darkness.


Unnoticed by the tomb robbers a dark blue Jeep Cherokee is parked partially hidden within the shadows. Lights out. Engine off. As the moon rises, thru the windshield, a device can be seen. It is held up and aimed straight at the pyramid. A light humming noise can be heard. A door opens and the device is turned off.

The two people in the Jeep watch in silence as the three robbers sneak inside the pyramid with the one going in first followed by the other two within moments. The people step out of the Jeep once the last one has entered. One is a woman, long black hair, very attractive and the other a man, stern looks but attractive as well. Both are dressed in white body hugging jumpsuits and are not natives. They open the rear doors of the Jeep and reach into the rear seat pulling out some bags. They place a pair of night vision goggles attachments on their helmets, close the vehicle silently and without a word between them quietly approach the opening with a bright blue light shining from within but for them the moonlight gives them a path straight to the door adjusting their night vision goggles as they do.

They enter the room just in time to see the last of the blue light going out. The woman immediately walks over to the dais and presses a hidden button and the light comes on, lighting up the entire room but glowing white. They ignore the crystal as it sparkles with somethings’ moving inside it. The man examines one of the fallen robbers closest to him and finds they are still alive just unconsciousness. Their timing couldn’t be better.

The two work quickly; with much work to do it might be a long night. They totally ignore the walls of lapis lazuli.

The man takes out a long narrow device from his bag, punches a button in the handle and it begins to emit a blue beam as he points it at the door directly across from them. He presses another button and it emits a high-pitched humming sound. It silently opens. They both step down and inside. The door closes behind them with a soft whoosh and into complete darkness.

They find themselves in a long walkway with no doors or structures and before them only a lighted platform with nothing around it. Their helmet light shows the platform itself, which has a round central metallic beam, fairly thick, with a thin metal panel running down the center. This panel lights up and begins running lights up and down the length of it. The platform is wide enough for both of them to easily stand upon. They flash their lights around their surroundings, up an down, but at a certain point the light can’t penetrate. The night vision goggles show only vast distance and likely a different frequency. They take a step forward towards the platform and a haze shimmers briefly but they don’t seem to notice. Once they step directly onto the platform and thru the shimmer they hold onto the central metal beam, and the lights run faster and a slight vibration starts up and the entire platform begins to drop down and as it picks up speed they can feel the wind on their faces revealing how fast they are going although accelerating in phases smoothly in each. Down. Down. Down they go. As they drop down the wind catches the woman’s hair and they can distinctly hear the rush of the wind as the platform hits higher speeds.

After a full fifteen minutes they can feel a soft deceleration as the platform begins slowing its speed of descent. Then it comes to a slight drag and stops. They now hear the distinct sounds of rushing water somewhere within the vast darkness behind them.

They press the buttons on their helmets emitting a soft white built in light. They both look around before stepping off the platform. The only structure is right before them. To the sides and below seems to be a vast nothingness. Their lights reveal a vast wall before them with an aisle or walkway directly in front of them. They step off and the man leans down and opens up his bag while the woman looks around with her night vision goggles; he pulls out a small box. He sets it on the floor aiming it at the opposite wall and presses three buttons on top and they all emit a sound that blends into the others sounds. A door opens in front of them and the wall disappears. Before them is what can only be described as some kind of huge hanger seeming to go on for miles!

They step inside and thru the wall with a brief humming noise accompanying it. Behind them the wall solidifies once more.

Many huge oval objects are before them going deep beyond and as far as the eye can see! The nearest one to them is the one they turn their attention to almost totally ignoring the others. About twelve feet high it had an oval shape, about forty feet in diameter, roughly bluish in color and bright shiny metallic with little designs that were almost whimsical but not recognizable by earth standards around its circumference.

The woman slowly reaches out to touch it and just as she does it begins to glow from the point of contact and two things happen immediately; a soft hums begins and the glow quickly spreads over the entire ship. Once it does it lights up and the object hums in musical tones almost like ancient chanting of some kind from deep within. The entire object was now glowing, pulsing as if alive!

Then a door opens above them and a stairway slides down to their left directly in front of it. It meets the floor with a gently shssh!
The ship now hummed and glowed yellow and blue as the woman and man step onto the stairway that moved them up and into the ship. Behind them the door closed with a barely audible whoosh!

Within moments the engines come on and the hum increased and the circumference of the ship begins to vibrate different colors and then began to spin. Then faster and faster, until, within moments the entire ship vanishes!

Back in the anteroom — .

A grating sound is heard as the moonlight streams in the open door falling upon the three robbers on the floor near the back of the room. The grating noise seems to rouse Jabal and he comes to, starts, jumping up just in time to see the sliding door beginning to shut. The father shakes his nearest son and stumbles towards the door as Akim shakes Josef they quickly stumble out after him, making it out barely in time. They turn to glance behind them and watch as the door closes shut and then slowly fades away to become part of the pyramid totally invisible and indistinguishable from the door it was.

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