About Depression and Facts About Depression

If you are suffering from depression please know that you are not alone. Now, one definition of depression may vary from the next since some even believe depression to be a form of mental illness. But from a medical standpoint; Depression defined; ” is a low state of mood with a low drive and an aversion to activity.”

Does this definition of depression sound like you? Here are some basic facts about depression. The effects of a depression are great which is why it is necessary to get some counselling immediately if you suffer from depression. Here are some facts about depression that you may not be aware of. It can lead to mental illness if not treated, It may lead to other illnesses, since the low mood and low drive disorder leads to uncleanliness and unhealthy bacteria that can make you sick just as much as low nutrition can make you sick. Furthermore it can lead to suicide if not treated and since suicide is the number 4 killer in the world that is why I thought it necessary to talk about.These are some effects of depression; sleeping all day, not eating properly, not wanting to associate with others, uncleanliness not doing dishes or cleaning the house, not taking care of yourself, no willpower to accomplish any work, addictions to shopping, eating, alcohol, gambling, drugs and sadly death if not treated.

So is there a cure for depression? The answer to that question is a definite yes in the affirmative all the way. Now there are many doctors that prescribe drugs to change your mood but drugs can have other devastating consequences to the human body such as harm the liver, become addictive and harm other glands that are needed to keep your body healthy and operating at it’s peak proficiency. Of course since I believe in Natural Healing I will talk about three other cures to depression. Prayer, Meditation and Couselling. Now counselling may be a combination of friends, family and Professionals.

Now let me tell you some of my story to show you I know a little of what I am talking about. In 2002 my wife left me and moved in to live with another man. Not only did I suffer from a deep depression but I can honestly say my depression was a severe depression. I just wanted to die and did not want to live any longer. Yes I wanted to commit suicide. My counsellor Frank DeAngelas from Windsor suggested I go to Homewood Health Center in Guelph. I went there in January of 2006 with my tail between my legs, with no hope for the future, feeling like I was stuck in a dark tunnel with no ray of light in the distance. I was beaten up, lost 3 homes and a Condominium on Riverside Drive. Not only was I broke mentally, I was broke physically and financially. I suffered from alcohol depression, severe depression, deep depression, situational depression and any other kind of depression you can think of. I just wanted to die and did not want to live. That is how I felt.

Well thank God for Frank DeAngelas for recommending me go to Homewood and my doctor Paul Ziter for filling out the paperwork. I found that after 2 months of counselling, there started to be a ray of hope. I heard other peoples stories and realized I’m not alone. I made friends and we talked at length about life and situations and yes even many bad choices that we all made in life and wish we could erase the past. But I could see my mind started to change. The more interaction I had with people the more I started to change internally and externally. I now enjoyed a shower instead of not showering for days on end at home, living in my bedroom. My eating habits changed and I started eating healthy foods and actually enjoyed them. I went into Homewood feeling like a complete failure in life and after 60 days, still left a failure but a failure with a ray of hope for the future. What you have to know is I suffered from Cirrhosis of the Liver just months before going into Homewood. So I quit drinking and how I beat my Cirrhosis is another story I tell in the book ” Disease Destroyed ” but I had hope for the first time in many years. You see I only had three weeks to live because my depression led me to become an alcoholic and I destroyed my liver, kidneys and pancreas. Not only did I lose everything I was dying.

So what are the things that gave me hope? The counselling at Homewood, tools I needed to survive in life, which were a new circle of friends, new goals, new dreams, Prayer, Meditation, and Reading Scripture. No I am not a religious person though some people would think I am. I have put my faith and trust in God to carry me through when I could not carry myself through. And he has been true to his word. I call them Healing Scriptures. In the book of Philippians 4:13 it says; I can do everything through him who gives me strength. That is my prayer for the day that you would find strength in God’s Word ( the Bible ) too. Yes the poem ” Footprints ” is my life story. Read it and let it sick in.